To the Bench, Gardent Apt.

As the summer dwindles, the list gets shorter & shorter. The garden apartment is the latest casualty on our list.

garden apt. = back burner

I know. It’s a huge bummer. The garden apartment is still on our list but it’s gotta take a backseat until after we move in.

But honestly, I’d rather not dwell on how things haven’t gone as planned. The truth is, we got A LOT done this summer. Lets not forget what it looked like when we first got the keys (not to mention the garden apartment).

All of the carpets have been ripped out, the floors were prepped & finally refinished. We’ve completely gutted the garden apartment and started putting things back together again (even the cabinets). The locks have been changed. The sound proofing is down and gone. We’ve replaced two large sections of damaged plaster with drywall & run new electric in the bedroom. We had success with the plaster washers in the closet. We started sanding the risers & patched the hole behind the front door. The wallpaper was taken off the bathroom walls & the bathroom was cleaned. The kitchen has been cleanedtwice. Initiated & added several people to the Wall of Awesome. Despite some setbacks, We even had some time for lots & lots & of fun.
(While this is most of them, this isn’t all the posts, so if you’re new feel free to scroll through the archives.)

I feel good about what we’ve accomplished this summer but we’ve only got 4 more weekends until the big M-O-V-E and I’d like our bedroom to be a drywall-dust-free-zone.

With the garden apartment on the back burner, we’re focusing on finishing up the bedroom, closet & parlor. This weekend is all about

  • Sanding joint compound
  • Spackling
  • Sanding more joint compound
  • Cleaning up all the spackle dust
  • Trying a stripper (tee-hee) on the bedroom & closet window {I’m thinking Peel-Away, unless someone would like to recommend something better{
  • Stripping some of the paint off our parlor medallion (hoping to get some of the detail back)

If this sounds like fun to you, come on down!

One of these weekends I’ll make a TO DO list that’s actually doable. Will it be this weekend?

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5 Responses to To the Bench, Gardent Apt.

  1. Kim says:

    It sounds like you have your priorities all lined up – you’ll get it all done.

    Bummer about the garden apt. – but it will get done. And, you guys have been working so hard. So much done! It’s really amazing.

    I thought you had someone moving into the garden apt.? Did that get cancelled?

  2. Shelley says:

    I can’t remember what brand of stripper it is that my mom and I use (we like to refinish furniture now and then) but be sure you get an industrial grade. The regular stuff is kind of wussy so if you have old, stubborn, or lead-based paint or many layers, be sure to go with industrial/commercial grade. Be careful, though, it emits a lot of fumes and can burn your skin. I inevitably get a few drops on my skin during a furniture project and have to keep a cup of water nearby to douse myself with (or dip a rag into and hold on my skin). It hasn’t left any marks on me but it burns like the dickens until you douse it with water.

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