How to Drill Holes in Books

So you have a bookshelf full of books ~ some with pages, some without ~ and you want to drill holes through them. So you can, say, string them together. How exactly would you do that??

First, use a Forstner bit to drill through the covers.

forstner collingwood lighting

The Forstner bit creates a perfectly cut out hole but we found it worked much better on the covers than it did on the pages.


So how do we cut through those annoying page things?? A spade bit is perfect!


But first use a couple heavy duty clamps/clips to keep the pages tightly together. If you don’t, the pages just twist up & tear & it’s a huge mess.


Since the forstner bit drilled a perfect hole through the cover, choose the same size spade bit. Then drill!


The pages kinda look like sawdust, don’t they?


Voila! Your book now has a hole. {And it magically changed colors! haha!}

And if you want to be able to easily drag a whole shelf full of books around the room, string twine through each hole.


While tying said books together isn’t so great if you actually want to read them, it’s a great way to ensure your meticulously crafted styling is never rearranged.


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4 Responses to How to Drill Holes in Books

  1. Kim says:

    haha… I’ve always wondered what I would do if I wanted to string books together. =) Looks great.

  2. caitieg says:

    what show are you building a set for?

  3. Sara says:

    Are those real books? If so, I hope they weren’t good ones!!! Anyway, here’s to choosing the correct tools for the job.

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