Garden Apt. After: Bathroom

Greetings Lovers! I think it is high time for some ‘After’ shots, don’t you?

Today we’re going to kick off revealing the newly renovated Garden Apartment with the bathroom Before/After. Then we’ll work our way to the front of the apartment through the main room and finally the kitchen.

Why? Well… because I feel like showing the bathroom first. Or maybe it’d cause I want to save the kitchen for last. Either way, the bathroom is up first.

While the bathroom wasn’t the most disgusting area of our garden apartment {its kitchen proudly clings to that title}, it wasn’t exactly squeaky clean either.



I think this vanity had seen better days, don’t you?


While a bad shot, it the only picture I have with a peek of the medicine cabinet. See that black rimmed mirror? Tuck that back in the old noggin for the after pics.


Of course, things always look worse before they look better.



But, in the end, the time and effort is SO worth it!


TA-DA!!!! The walls are painted Navajo White with stock white trim. Yes, that is the toilet paper holder mounted on the back of the door.


I couldn’t put it near the shower {it’d get wet}. It couldn’t be mounted on the side of the vanity {you’d practically be sitting on it}. Oddly enough, even with the door closed, the back of the door was easier to reach than the wall in front of the toilet. So I figured, why not?? Who says you can’t mount the TP to the back of the door? It’s totally hidden that way while the door is open but – POOF! – you shut the door a it magically appears.


There the medicine cabinet in all it’s newly white glory. The flowers aren’t really my thing but it is practical.

  1. It already fit perfectly in the hole cut into the drywall. A new medicine cabinet would mean a new hole and probably some patching. You know how much I love spackling!
  2. They just don’t make them like they used to! Sad but true. This baby weighs a ton and is still in really great shape. The dark color didn’t go but a couple quick coats of white spray paint kicked it into gear.
  3. It was free. Reusing = more money to spend on other things {like a new water-conscious toilet}.


On the wall opposite the toilet, just peaking out from behind the door is this {FREE!} strip of hooks. I love hooks so much more than a traditional towel bar in the bathroom. They’re just easier to use. Even better? This one is made almost entirely from materials already on hand. “How To” to come! {eventually}

Just what did it take to get things looking like this?

Budget Breakdown (estimates)

  1. New green board: $40
  2. Shower surround: $150
  3. Vanity: $74
  4. Faucet: $25
  5. Toilet: $118
  6. Shower rod & curtains: $21
  7. New shower knobs, spout, & showerhead: $25
  8. Plumbing bits & pieces: $15
  9. New bathroom door, casing, shims, lockset: $124
  10. New light switches & outlets: $3 (portion of the contractors packs)
  11. Paint: $25 for walls; ceiling, trim & floors was already purchased
  12. Baseboards: $20 (~10′ @ $1.94/ft)
  13. Caulk: $5
  14. Towel Hooks: $5 (gunmetal spray paint)
  15. TP holder: $7
  16. Medicine Cabinet: $5 (white spray paint)

TOTAL: $662

I found it really surprising how the little things {like drywall, screws, plumbing pieces, shims, etc} that you don’t see in the final product really added up.

Colors used:

  • Walls: MAB Navajo White in eggshell (MAB is a local company recently purchased by Sherwin Williams)
  • Trim: MAB stock white in semi-gloss
  • Ceiling: Behr Flat Ceiling White
  • Floors: MAB Patio & Deck Latex Gloss Enamel in Bittersweet Stem in Semi-Gloss

garden bathroom 1

garden bathroom 2

And there you have it. One fully renovated garden unit bathroom.



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11 Responses to Garden Apt. After: Bathroom

  1. Robin says:

    OMG it looks amazing! I’m sure your tenant is going to love it. I think keeping the medicine cabinet and getting a low-flow toilet was a good idea. Can’t wait to see the rest of the apartment!

  2. “Of course, things always look worse before they look better.” Truer words were never spoken. And it definitely does look better!

  3. MEA says:

    It’s so bright! For a basement apartment that is so needed!!! Well done!

  4. This looks amazing! So bright and clean. I like the vanity you chose (although I think nearly anything would be better than the before vanity). I’m totally impressed by your total budget, too! Considering all the new things you needed, that’s amazing.

    You should have your own television show. Seriously.

  5. It’s perfect, a cost-effective and clean update. And I really love the TP holder idea!

  6. Shlee says:

    Why did you decide to paint the floors instead of tile? Just wondering! I own a garden condo and am having problem with my wood flooring on the concrete! 🙂

    -ashley @

  7. Woo hoo, I love afters! I think you’ve made some really great choices in your materials, the price: impact ratio is amazing!

  8. great before & after pics! awesome. great job

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  10. great job! keep it up. i love this blog

  11. Wow! After the renovation your bathroom look so good. A total brand new bathroom. I love the color you used. Light color is so comfortable for me to stay long in the bathroom 🙂

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