Hello, New Favorite Appliance

Maybe it’s just me but this summer seems like it was WAY hotter than normal. Like steamy, melty hot.

Prior to moving into this 1880’s rowhome, “home” was in a newly renovated high-rise building – complete with all the luxuries like a dishwasher, recycling, and air conditioning. It wasn’t until I lived without them I realized just how essential some things become.

Back in January, we bought & installed our first major appliance purchase – a Bosch dishwasher – that I still love like a first born. Of course, once I have children, that sentiment might change but I make no promises.

The recycling dilemma isn’t going so well. Newark still doesn’t reliably pick up our recycling. In fact… I’m not sure if the city has EVER picked up our recycling. But that’s another topic for another day.

Then the bedroom hit 85+


And I was dying. D.Y.I.N.G.

You may remember my lament back in June. Stephanie from Air & Water, Inc. offered to send me some relief. That relief came in the form of a NewAir AC-10000E 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.


Set-up was pretty easy. Just came out of the box, screw in the exhaust hose, run out to the window and plug in. It’s an air conditioner. It doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to set it up. Which is good because my brain was going a little fuzzy from the heat. The initial read for the bedroom was 87 degrees. My hot yoga class is only 7-13 degrees hotter than that. I love me some hot yoga but certainly don’t want to sleep in a room that hot! Yowza!


It arrived back at the beginning of August and I spent just over 3 weeks playing with it. First I wanted to see how low I could get the temperature in the bedroom. The answer? 74 degrees. I had hoped to get it a little lower but there are no doors on the bedroom. They were removed while we were renovating and never put back on. Curtains in each doorway seemed to help stop the cold air from escaping down the center staircase {it only got down to 76 without the curtains}.

For the bridal shower, I moved it downstairs so my guests would hopefully focus on the super awesome chocolate cannoli cupcakes instead of my lack of AC. With all the windows closed, it cooled the 1st floor down to 78 degrees in about 24 hours. No one complained about being hot and everyone devoured the chicken, rice, & french fries (the only hot foods on the menu). Of course that could also be attributed to the fact that it was Ferry St. BBQ – only the best Portuguese BBQ in Newark.

Then the door knobs were installed on the custom back door to the garden apartment and – VOILA – I had a Tenant moving in. I touched up paint and took my “After” pictures, as the Tenant was carrying body bag size duffel bags down. I thought maybe it was just the excitement from finally being finished that had me all hot and sweaty but – nope – it was really that hot down there. Even with the windows open the thermostat read 85 degrees. Being the benevolent landlord I am {or maybe it was just the fact that I didn’t want my very first tenant dying from heat stroke}, I offered to lend my glorious provider of coolness until they can buy a unit themselves. I’ve never heard “Yes please” come out of someone’s mouth so quickly!


Here’s the unit in the garden apartment. It was down to 75 degrees but I had the back door open to let in some natural light so I could take this picture and all the hot air from outside jacked the temp back up.


So… what are my thoughts about the New Air AC-10000E?

  1. It does what it says it will easily, with very little installation effort, and without completely jacking up your power bill. I honestly haven’t noticed a big increase using it the entire month of August. I guess we’ll see what the September statement says but I’m not expecting it to go up drastically.
  2. I really like the footprint of this unit. At about 12″ x 14″ x 28″, it’s honestly not big at all. I originally wanted something to discreetly tuck in between the dresser and curtains in the bedroom and it is totally small enough to do that.
  3. It’s not super ugly. In fact, I would say it’s down right stylish, as portable AC units go.
  4. Easy to move, as long as you don’t do stairs. It’s not light but it does have wheels which roll nicely. It was a little bulky and awkward to move down the stairs but I’m only 5’3″. Someone with more height probably wouldn’t have the same problem.
  5. The hose exhaust is what it is. It’s not invisible. I’m not in love with the way it looks. Kinda reminds me of that scene from ET when they tarp everything off and walk around in those bio-hazard suits. Wait. What?! /tangent.

    Anyway, I feel like the exhaust hose just comes with the portable AC unit territory.

    And I kinda liked ET; after I got over being totally and completely freaked out by it. Dude. That stuff is super scary when you’re little. Whatever. Just because I still haven’t re-watched it, um… ever, isn’t a problem. I’m so over it.

  6. I wish I could have gotten it below 74 degrees. I think I could have – had there been doors on the bedroom – but hasn’t happened yet.
  7. I LOVE that you don’t really see it from the outside {one of my biggest beefs with window units}. Here’s what it looks like venting from the garden unit back window. All you really see is that little strip of plastic. Pretty? No. Better than a window unit? Hells yes.



All in all, I’m super pleased with the unit – especially since we’re still having 90 degree days here in Jersey. Guess Mother Nature didn’t get the memo that it’s now September.

If you’d like a unit of your own – or maybe a space heater for when it gets cold or a dehumidifier for your basement – just visit Air & Water, Inc. and enter the coupon code BRICKCITYLOVE {valid through 8.10.2011} to get 10% off! CHA-CHING!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go see about un-lending my newest appliance.

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6 Responses to Hello, New Favorite Appliance

  1. Quinn says:

    I don’t know Carrie. 10,000 btus is a pretty strong air conditioner, your rooms should be cooler than that. I have a little 6,000 window unit in my bedroom and it goes to 67 because that’s the setting I use. The room is smaller but I have the high ceilings and when I open the bedroom door, it cools off the hallway and part of two other rooms.

  2. tellerallaboutit says:

    I live in Portland, Oregon where AC is as rare as a fireplace in Central FL. However, *last* summer (2009), we had one of the hottest summers on record and purchased the same kind of AC unit:


    I don’t think that they chill half as well as the window units, but when it’s 107 outside, you’re pretty much willing to settle for 75! Haha!

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the review. We’ve been thinking about getting a portable A/C for our upstairs or forking up the $$ and getting a duct-less system.

  4. Quinn says:

    tellerallaboutit – thanks for that info. I’ve been looking into the portables but didn’t realize that they don’t cool as well…….

  5. KML says:

    Ahhhh…. coolness…… how wonderful.

  6. Color me jealous, girl. What a great company to come to your rescue. I’m impressed with the unit. SO much cooler than our window unit, but I bear it because you cannot see it from the exterior because it’s on a side that’s hidden from nearly every view. Tricky, tricky.

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