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Working Windows Would Be Welcome

Our windows are crap. Plain and simple. {what the master bedroom looked like “before”} They’re cheap vinyl replacement windows that have outlived their usefulness and need to be replaced. Some don’t open. Some don’t close. Some have cracked glass. Seals … Continue reading

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Trim Tip

While painting 128 ft of baseboard + 24ft of door trim, I quickly realized that it was best if things touched the sawhorses as little as possible. Hammering in a couple nails on each end jacked the trim up, so … Continue reading

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Garden Unit: Progress!!

The walls are white. The bathroom & kitchen floors are painted. The kitchen is going in. Main floor gets 1 coat of BIN primer + 2 coats of Bittersweet Stem exterior deck & concrete paint. Then baseboards. Then finishing stuff. … Continue reading

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Spray Paint!

After all the mudding & sanding was done, it was finally time to paint! Well, first the ice chipper/murder weapon was found. THEN it was time to paint. Since the entire room – floors included – were getting painted, it … Continue reading

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The List that Never Ends

12:47am: Time to call it a night. The back door for the garden unit is finally hung but still not done. Every time I cross something off my list, I notice 2 more things that need to be added. For … Continue reading

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Homegrown Lunch

I took a personal day today. The garden unit still isn’t finished and it needs to be. Like yesterday. After finally finishing a post for Glocally {my follow-up review of the Newark Boat Tour}, I decided to make myself some … Continue reading

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Our Little Secret

With the holes finally patched and walls FINALLY spackled, it was time to paint. Did you hear that?! TIME. TO. PAINT! I hate painting but the realization that the garden apartment was FINALLY FAR ENOUGH ALONG TO PAINT! was more … Continue reading

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Almost Before

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the work that’s happening in the garden apartment but not many pictures. That changes today, my friend. This garden apartment has been a year+ in the works. Thought it could get rented … Continue reading

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Under Construction

Things are happening behind the scenes, so things might look a little wonky on the site for a bit. Thanks for your patience!

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Hey! Remember When??

I’m up to my ovaries in painting projects. And I hate painting. Like really {REALLY!} hate painting. To console myself, I find this picture sometimes randomly pops up {or maybe I go looking for it… either way…}. Do you remember … Continue reading

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