We have stools!!

5, 24″ stainless steel stools are currently sitting in the back of our car. They’re not as distressed as I thought by the original picture but that’s not bad thing. The finish is very similar to that on our appliances.

I’m not exactly sure where we’ll use them. But I have a habit of buying, or rather acquiring, furniture that doesn’t yet have an ‘assigned seat.’

For example, my parents have an industrial fan that I picked up at a yard sale and planned on turning into a coffee table. That’s still the plan but it’s been decorating their garage for 4(?) years. The industrial multi-drawer cabinet I rescued from the curb and a pair of old windows keep it company.

Rob’s parents are equally awesome. We found a set of mannequin legs at a yard sale and I thought they’d make a killer floor lamp. Not only do they let us keep the legs in their garage, my awesome father-in-law wired it for me!

We don’t use only our parents for storage though! A 6′ costume rolling rack found (for free!!) on craigslist is currently taking up residence in the foyer of our apartment. It’s come in pretty handy for hanging the dry cleaning on when we walk in the door.

I’m almost positive we have enough furniture to fill the whole new house. Granted, it’s spread across 3 homes but it won’t be for long. Somehow I don’t think our parents will mind the room in their garages.

Our newly acquired stools are heading straight to the house (the first pieces moved in, actually). Do not pass through the apartment. Do not collect $200.

Welcome home little buddies!!

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4 Responses to Success!

  1. Frank says:

    Nice, durable furniture for the basement… just in case?? 🙂


  2. Rob says:

    Good idea Frank. But we haven’t seen any more activity from our “wall gnomes.” Hopefully they won’t poke their heads around.

  3. Kim says:

    I love the stools, so much!

  4. Ms Powahs says:

    Hello nice posst

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