Roy Vaccaro’s New York Old Iron

Located under the F train and next to the Lowes parking lot in Brooklyn, NJ is New York Old Iron, an iron salvage yard. Recommended by Cara at casaCARA, we stopped by on the off-chance they would have iron to match our fence. Our gate is missing and we wanted to replace it. However, since we were in Newark, NJ we had little hope Roy Vaccaro (proprietor) would have exactly what we needed. We were wrong. They had exactly what we needed for a reasonable price. {Roy said his prices were the same whether you were buying wholesale or resale. Why pay the middleman?}



Even if they didn’t have exactly what we were looking for, I would have enjoyed meandering around. There was SO MUCH stuff, layers upon layers of salvaged items. If you’re looking for something particular, ask. We would never have found what we wanted on our own, as it was hidden at the back of a pile.


I’m sure the stock is constantly changing but here were some of the fun things I saw while we were there.





{not for sale}














New York Old Iron
Brooklyn, NY under the F tracks

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12 Responses to Roy Vaccaro’s New York Old Iron

  1. Jennifer says:

    oh how i wish that this were tucked away under the golden gate bridge!

    can you pick up a nice pair of newel posts for me next time you’re there? 😉

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  9. Ron says:

    went there a few weeks ago and got an awesome white marble fireplace with cast iron summer cover for a 1/4 of the price other places had them listed for. The owner, Roy, is a really nice guy.

  10. FFF says:

    Please remove the hours sign. Hours have changed. No longer open on Monday!

  11. vicki devor says:

    Hey we met a couple of times, your kitty look like it has ‘the mange’, want me to take it to the vet. let me know— looks like e the MTA may be wrapping up. hope so, you have been very patient with them. let me know if I can help kitty (kitties?) thank you.

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