Floor Refinishing

We get a bunch of hits from people looking for information about refinishing floors, choosing between satin & semi-gloss poly, etc. All our floor refinishing posts are listed under the “JDL Floors” category but I thought listing them all in one place would be easier.

Our floors were 130 year old pine planks of varying widths and original to the home. While we briefly considered doing it ourselves, we chose to hire a professional (JDL Flooring) and are VERY glad we did. They were able to do it faster & more efficiently than we ever could, all for a very reasonable price. We had all 3 floors of our living area done, so about 1300 square feet in total.

Without further adieu, I give you . . . FLOOR REFINISHING! dun-duh-DUUNNN!!

Hope you find this helpful!

12 Responses to Floor Refinishing

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  6. Erick Jason Alburez says:

    thank you so much. I love your site and I found it soooooohelpful. I’m in the process of doing my floors circa 1910 and I am going through the smae thought processes you did. I think I will also go with provincial. thanks eja

    • So welcome!! Even a year later, I’m really glad we went with Provincial. It’s dark but not too dark. There is a lot of variation of color; just how the wood absorbed it differently in different places. I plan on using light colors on the walls, as the building is a max 18′ wide, and find the darker floors very grounding. Good luck with your floors! I’m sure they’ll turn out beautifully.

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