How To: Diamond Tufted Headboard, Part 3

In Part 1, I showed you how I turned this –

old headboard

into this –

headboard finished frame

In Part 2, I made the inset panel –


Punched out the holes for the buttons –


And covered it with batting –


Now onto the fun part. TUFTING!

Before I began tufting, I did a lot of research.

Try looking under the following terms:

  • diamond button tufting
  • deep button tufting

I honestly didn’t find a ton of “How To’s” online for this. These were probably the most helpful:

A few months ago I was really frustrated. I had followed the Apartment Therapy instructions to the letter but my tufts were looking flat and blousey. Not at all like their ‘after’ shot. So I ripped it all out.


The batting alone didn’t provide enough fluffiness and my 3″ green foam was really stiff.

If I were to do this whole project over again (HA!!), I would probably use 2″ foam. The 3″ was more expensive and I think I would have gotten pretty much the same effect without ever missing that extra inch.

So I’ve took it back down to the batting and started over.


Looking around the house, I found an old pillow that we sometimes used to punish our overnight guests.


Opened it up and found totally usable FREE fiberfill.


Pull the fiberfill apart and fluff it up. Stuff it under the batting, in the center of your diamonds.


You don’t need the fabric to be any larger than your frame for normal tufting.

With deep button tufting, you need enough fabric to go do into the button hole and back up. Here’s the diagram I used to help wrap my brain around how much fabric I would need.

Picture 6

I then measured out where all the buttons would go and marked each spot with a pin.


Having the location of each button marked helped keep everything even an lined up when I started tufting. However, I found there was actually too much room between each pre-marked spot. Because they were just marked with pins, it was easy to readjust. I started in the middle and worked my way out to the edges. By the time I got to the outer columns, I was mostly ignoring the pins altogether.


Tools –


Now lets tuft! Here’s a video of how I did it –

If you couldn’t see how I make the knot, here’s different look –

After all your tufts are done, it should look something like this –


Pulling the threads, try to even out the depth of the buttons. It didn’t totally work for me. Some of my buttons sit deeper than others and I’m ok with that.

When you’re happy with how your buttons are sitting, tie a knot with the 2 threads behind the backing button.


Using your staple gun, staple the fabric to your frame.


As you can see in this picture, I continued the diamond shape around the sides.



Trim off the extra fabric


Lay the tufted insert on the floor, tufts up. Push the headboard frame around the tufted insert.


The insert frame should line up with your headboard frame, just like it did before you wrapped it in the batting & fabric.


Find your pre-drilled holes and screw the insert to the headboard frame.


And you’re done!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

diamond tufted headboard

diamond tufting

deep button diamond tufts



It’s a lot of trial & error but if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help. Happy tufting!!

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122 Responses to How To: Diamond Tufted Headboard, Part 3

  1. Leila says:

    What a labor of love! This turned out so well! I may just have to use this tutorial on a future project. 🙂

  2. NancyO says:

    I love it! I may use your inspiration to do something similar. I’ll send you a link once I post it.

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Samantha says:

    girl!! it’s nicer than Tori Spelling’s!!! come decorate my house please!

  4. meryl rose says:

    holy crap that looks AMAZING!

  5. Whoa! Way to come back in a big way! This is an amazing project!!!

  6. Kate says:

    Wow! This is such a great how-to. I’m so glad you posted the final steps. I may have to try your method next time I tackle a headboard!

  7. KMLiving says:

    Totally amazing directions and gorgeous headboard!! Love the video instructions – nothing beats seeing the process!

  8. Deb says:

    Holy Crap that’s a lot of work! Mine would come out all lopsided and uneven, or I’d get so frustrated that I’d end up breaking something…. Yours looks A-MAZ-ING!

  9. Seriously – GET OUT OF TOWN! That is too fabulous! You make it look so easy and the outcome couldn’t be more flawless! I’ll be bookmarking the steps until I gain up the courage (and patience) to try 🙂 Thank you for posting!

  10. Cindy says:

    That looks amazing! I have been wanting to do one for almost 10 years but didn’t think I could… I’ve actually had the frame and supplies for two years, just waiting for me to muster up the courage to not ruin my beautiful fabric.

    I’m inspired to try it out now.

    Quick question: would this work with a thicker fabric like an embroidered velour?

  11. NancyO says:

    I realize it might be different depending on the size of the headboard and the depth of the tufting … how many yards of fabric did you use?

  12. wendy says:

    turned out great I willnow attempt mine this weekend….. and u are ver right i spent two weeks researching and trying to become an expert on diamond tufting and tere are only those 3-4 websites/videos with info on it, your is by far the most informative and in dept. Your blog is now on favorites speed dial….loolololol

  13. Mom Mom says:

    Interesting, Love, Mom Mom

  14. Kathleen says:

    This is beyond amazing. I am so impressed.

  15. I am just LOVING this headboard. Absolutely amazing and a great DIY tutorial.

  16. Jordan says:

    What kind of fabric did you use? It looks awesome. Also, you didn’t mention anything about the way you cut holes in the batting, was that just left over from the first trial?

  17. Jessica says:

    Looks AMAZING! Thank you for the detailed instructions I’ve been googling the last week for simple instructions like these!

    Do you mind explaining how you figured out how much fabric you needed? (or further explain your chart…)


    • I think I used 4 yards.

      How I figured it out? The headboard was 57″ wide and 27″ high. Because of my 3″ foam, I needed 3″ of fabric to go down into the button hole and another 3″ to come back out for EACH button – theoretically. SO each button basically added 6″ to the height & width that I needed. I think when I added it up, I only really needed 3 yards but I was glad to have the extra 4th yard to play with.

  18. Rebecca says:

    Thank you SO much. I’ve seen so many headboard tutorials with shallow tufts. The deep tufting makes it look so much more luxurious!

  19. sarah says:

    Hi do you think this method would work with pvc?

    • Yes, with a lot of patience. The fabric I used was rather thin {but not stretchy}. If you use a thicker fabric, I’d probably recommend using button twine instead of regular thread for the tufts because there’s so much force on the thread.

  20. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful version of a tufted headboard! I love that you kept that antique frame!

  21. Melissa says:

    This is the best diamond tufting headboard tutorial I have found. It looks amazing. I have been studying it intently! 🙂 Was 57 inch wide fabric sufficient? How many yards did you need? I am ordering some pink velvet from the UK to do your project and I want to make sure I have enough. Thanks sooo sooo sooo much.

    • Melissa says:

      Nevermind! Found it in a previous comment! 🙂

    • I think I used 4 yards but as you can see from one of the progress photos, I ended up cutting a yard or so off. It made me feel better to have the extra though.

      I can’t remember exactly but my fabric was either 54″ or 57″ wide def not more than that. It was wide enough but just barely. Luckily for me the wood frame hides the one spot where the fabric didn’t quite make it all the way around to the back. This wouldn’t have been an issue if the headboard was flat on top though. Those little humps took up a couple extra precious inches.

  22. Melissa says:

    That is sooo good to know. I think I will definitely need a frame, just to be safe. I wish I had a pretty old headboard sitting around like you have. Maybe I can make one from moulding. I am so excited to make it, but still so intimidated. I am glad to know theres an expert close on hand if I need one :).

    • I found that headboard on craigslist; just gotta keep checking and your eyes open. Or maybe try FreeCycle. Making something out of moulding would be super easy too!

      Honestly, it’s mostly just trial & error. At least it’s not brain surgery or something crazy like that. No one dies if you mess up and start over. Fun, not stress. Be patient and you can totally do it!

      Good luck & let me know if you have questions. I don’t know if I’m an expert but I will certainly do my best.

  23. Melissa says:

    I have been looking on craigslist for 2 whole days!! Do I need more patience than that??!!! hahah I will look at freecycle. I have never heard of that. We have a ton of great antique stores here in chicago i will scour as well. Making one would be easy enough, but not as easy as finding a ready-made one. Thanks so much for all your input. You seriously inspired me!! I will be in touch for sure.

  24. mimi says:

    so do the diamond lines come out (appear) automatically as you go or are you suppose to shape it as you go?
    so i know you start in the middle. next you put the buttons in horizontally ( going either up or down).
    lastly you put the buttons in going horizontally? and is that how the diamonds come about? my main question is how to the diamonds appear? hope you understand my question.
    btw…love it!!! it so beautiful…

  25. AnsRssElio says:

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  26. Cassie says:

    Wow, great tutorials thanks! You had a great vision with that headboard, and you executed it so well!

  27. Irina says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for detailed tutorial, really appreiate it!

  28. Rocio says:

    LOVE THIS PIECE! Seeing this gives me courage to bite the bullett and do one. What kind of fabric did you use? I love it! How did you attach the fabric to the buttons?

    • Thanks!! I used a linen-like mens suiting fabric. I think you need something durable but really heavy home-dec fabric would be difficult to work with. For the buttons, I just used a covered button kit (purchased at my local fabric store).

  29. Wow, this is great! Thanks for putting all this up!!

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  31. stephanie says:

    price comparison to diy and buying?

    • Not sure. Definitely cheaper to DIY but not sure by how much. I couldn’t find a tufted headboard with a wooden frame. Of course you could always buy an already tufted headboard and then just add the wood frame – which would be significantly easier.

    • Ngozi says:

      tufted headboards run easily into the thousands (EACH!). I have priced them. a DIY can be done in the low hundreds or lower if you get a cheap (thrift store) headboard.

  32. Carissa says:

    haha any chance you’d make one for me?! seriously all the tufted headboards I find at furniture stores are upwards of $500 for the headboard alone! It’s insane. but I’m not sure I could make this myself! Crazy… but GORGEOUS. you did an incredible job!

  33. Ngozi says:

    I’ve seen other tutorials, but the end results always look so homemade that I refused to try it. Yours look professional. I feel ready to have a go at it. Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us! God bless you and yours!

  34. Trisha baker says:

    I love your headboard. You did an amazing job on your headboard. I did a little tufting project on a bench but that’s it! Good job.

  35. Rhea says:

    Just found out what I’ll be doing for the headboard in my guest bedroom! So elegant and how awesome to be able to say that YOU made it! Beautiful work!

  36. Shana says:

    Excellent tutorial!! Thanks for your instructive video posts. Not sure if this was covered or not, but I’d like to add a nailhead trim to my headboard since I’m not working with an existing headboard to frame it. Any suggestions?

    • They make a nailhead roping of sorts that you only nail in every 5th one or so. I think that will keep a straighter line than free-handing it. Of course, you can tell that each head is connected, so that might not be the look you like.

      If you want to do them individually, I would probably recommend spacing each nail out a little. You’ll get the look but it’ll be more forgiving of slight variations in placement. Plus it’ll be faster!

      Thanks for your comment!!

  37. Marni says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, about how much did this whole project cost you? Obviously it will vary but just a general idea. I am very interested in trying this project. It is such a gorgeous headboard. I would love to have one and know that I made it myself. 🙂

  38. Kari Merritt says:

    I love it!! What is the actual size? and for the fabric do I need 54″?

  39. Kari Merritt says:

    sorry I just read all the comments and found the anwser!! I am so doing this and LOVE it!!! It looks very expensive!!!

  40. ana says:

    Thank you very much for share all tutorial.thank you..

  41. Cynthia says:

    I’m going to start tackling mine tonight. I purchased some white pleather. What’s the easiest way to plot your buttons? ~Thanks for the excellent tut!

    • If you’re using pegboard, I eyeballed it and then counted everything off the closest holes while trying to keep it as uniform as possible. If you’re drilling holes into a solid surface, I would probably lay out the buttons kind of where you think they look right and then measure everything more precise before drilling the holes.

      Pleather sounds very cool! I would recommend a twine or thin rope to attach your buttons. Thick thread will probably not be strong enough to pull the buttons tight.

      Hope this helps!!

      • Alana says:

        Hi Carrie,

        Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial (I’m late to the game here!). If I’m using pegboard but the # of holes is slightly off (I have 60 holes across for a Queen size bed– 60 inches– and need to do 7 and 8 tufts per row, alternating), is it okay to make the space between the last 2 tufts and the last tuft and the edge) just one hole shorter? If you eyeball it, it is slightly noticeable, but the holes are only 1 inch apart so not by much. Alternatively, I could just use 6 and 7 tufts per row…but I feel the 6 tuft row will look sparse.

        Any advice/help you could offer me would be so appreciated!


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  44. Stephanie says:

    You are awesome and this is super cool! I was actually going to get my board from the garage to start my headboard when I saw this!! Thanks so much!!

  45. Julie says:

    Looks amazing!!!! Just started mine and I’m so excited about it!
    What size buttons did you use?

  46. Oliva Q says:

    Okay I’m getting ready to start mine just getting the supplies with coupons of course ;). One question u added extra fluffy stuff do u recommend using an extra layer of batting or just adding a little to each button hole?

  47. Megan says:

    Looks great! At first, I was disappointed that you cut out that pattern of the headboard, but then I saw the tufting and thought fantastic! Way to think out of the box.

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  50. rowena acosta says:

    This looks professionally done! PERFECT!

  51. Pingback: kate with a camera » Finally: Reader Chosen Fabric Has Become a Fabulous DIY Tufted Headboard

  52. Jenni says:

    Great work! You have inspired me to do my own tufted headboard. I’m just getting my supplies together. Can you tell me what your spacing is between buttons? Thanks!

  53. birdsandsoap says:

    HI! I found your youtube video first and then eventually googled my way over here. This is a great tutorial (all the other ones are just “before and afters.” lame. I had one question regarding the process; did you start tufting in the center of your work and then move out toward the edges, or did you start at the bottom and work your way up?

  54. Kelly arent says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial!! It looks amazing!!!! Gonna give it a whirl!!

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  56. Amy says:

    It looks amazing!!! I am a little confused when it comes down to the measurement diagram. Can you explain it al little more please. Thanks!!

  57. Michelle says:

    Wow! I cannot stop staring at it. I’ve always wanted something like this but with dark velvet and sparkly buttons but yours is just perfect. This is such an inspiration. Thank you very much!

  58. Ashley says:

    I’m going to tackle this project on my Christmas break! How long would you say it takes?

  59. kiara says:

    You are so artistic and inspirational(:
    I’ve decided to make one myself! I have just about everything but I’m just store to store trying to find the best fabric. Its hard to find a really white one, but I was wondering if you think it would work out with putting a lace over it? Will it be hard to tuft with two fabrics? Or is it possible! I’d appreciate your opinion… Thank you 🙂

  60. Pat gill says:

    This is absolutely beautiful and an awesome tutorial. Thank you, thank you! I have an antique headboard that needs rejuvenation and this will do the trick.

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  62. Your headboard is beautiful! I love the wooden frame. I recently made a wingback tufted headboard…

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  67. Alana says:

    Hi Carrie,

    Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial (I’m late to the game here!). If I’m using pegboard but the # of holes is slightly off (I have 60 holes across for a Queen size bed– 60 inches– and need to do 7 and 8 tufts per row, alternating), is it okay to make the space between the last 2 tufts and the last tuft and the edge) just one hole shorter? If you eyeball it, it is slightly noticeable, but the holes are only 1 inch apart so not by much. Alternatively, I could just use 6 and 7 tufts per row…but I feel the 6 tuft row will look sparse.

    Any advice/help you could offer me would be so appreciated!


  68. tlheath says:

    Looks wonderful! I am looking up plans to make my bed frame and love a ranch style but it comes with a full wooden headboard. There are no plans with a rectangle of tufting in the center of it so I am trying to improvise. Did you put any wooden covering on the back of the tufting so if the bed was turned around you would see all wood? Would you suggest I just make the exterior rectangle frame and then add the wooden backing after? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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