Stain Color??

Yesterday I told you what we picked for the top coat but I suppose it might be nice to know what exactly went on BEFORE the poly. Right? Well deal.

Timeline so far:
: first day of sanding & we picked the stain color.
: finished sanding & stained.
Friday, Saturday & Monday each got a coat of poly.

Our 2 refinishing posts generated the most feedback ever!! It was awesome to hear everyone’s opinion. I loved it.

In total, we had at least 24 different people (20 here and 4 on my facebook) pick 37 different colors (many people suggested multiple colors). It was SO interesting to see the results! I was honestly a little surprised.

The clear front runner was Gunstock, choice #5, coming in with 11 votes.
5: Gunstock

Option #4 (Puritan Pine) came in second with 7 votes:
4: Puritan Pine

The Golden’s tied for third place. Golden Oak (#2) & Golden Pecan (#6) both getting 6 votes:
#2: Golden Oak

6: Golden Pecan

Our darkest choice, Dark Walnut (option #1), came in fourth with 4 votes:
#1: Dark Walnut

In last place, with a mere 3 votes, was color choice #3 (Provincial):
#3: Provincial




Oh, you want to know?!

The underdog, the ugly duckling, choice #3, PROVINCIAL!



This picture was taken from the front door after the first coat of poly. The newly refinished floors make the paint look like crap, so I’m gonna need you to use your imagination.

On the staircase, you probably noticed that only the treads (part you walk on) were refinished. The risers (vertical part) are going to be painted white. The baseboards & trim will be semi-gloss white. We haven’t figured out wall color yet but it’s safe to say they won’t be staying red. The plan is to prime everything white, do the trim & paint the wall color as we decorate.

How’d we pick??

We wanted something that would compliment the banister (which needs a good dusting from the looks of that picture).

Also, my top picks were #2 (Golden Oak), #3 (Provincial), & #4 (Puritan Pine). Rob’s favorites were #3 (Provincial) & #5 (Gunstock). So we chose the one we both liked – Provincial.

It seems most people liked the red. Sorry! Hope you’re not disappointed. 🙂

We’re really pleased with the results. More pics to come as soon as we can walk on it!!

So, what do you think?

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7 Responses to Stain Color??

  1. Nora says:

    Yay! I know I didn’t comment when I should have, but I swear when I checked the colors before, I believed that you would pick #3, but I personally preferred #4.
    I’m a genius!
    Everything’s looking great!

  2. Georgia says:

    II think this choice will be easier to choose paint versus the red. They look fab.

  3. mrslimestone says:

    Yea the one I picked! Woo-hoo!

  4. Erin says:

    I picked the correct one too!!! Whoo!

  5. Kim says:

    It looks great. It does compliment the banister. I think any of the colors would have probably looked good, but it just shows how everyone has such different opinions. I think picking paint and stain colors are the most excruciating opinions.

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