Quick Tip: Vase turned Trashcan

The last time we were at IKEA, I was looking for a trashcan for the bedroom and completely underwhelmed with the selection. Everything was just so trashcan-y looking.

As we followed the pre-determined path to the exit, we strolled through the plant department.

There I found this large white glass vase/plant pot –

vase turned trash can

The PERFECT size for a bedroom trashcan and much prettier. We’ve used it since early October & so far it’s working great!

I liked that is was a different material than your typical trashcan but still totally cleanable if something sticky got spilled in it. You can’t scrub baskets like you can glass. So far, there’s been no chipping and the white totally works with the room’s decor.

Similarly, recycling bins can be used to presort laundry.

dirty clothes bins

I didn’t go to the store specifically to buy recycling bins. Instead, I went shopping for a solution that would allow me to presort laundry into specific loads. Something stackable would be ideal for the space we had to utilize. I happened on the stacking recycling bins as I wandered through the aisles.

Sure products are marketed for a specific use (like a vase or recycling bin) but don’t limit yourself to those pre-determined uses! Think about your needs, space, and goals for a particular situation or solution. Step outside that proverbial box!

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5 Responses to Quick Tip: Vase turned Trashcan

  1. Mom Liv says:

    You have been doing this since you were “floating apples”!

  2. rh says:

    That presort laundry thing…..Either you’re anal or I’m totally pathetic.

  3. Brandi says:

    Absolutely brilliant — I love it when people think outside of the box.

  4. Your favorite pharmacist says:

    Friends and family know who I am…
    When compounding for veternary medicine, we often have to find unique ways to get medications into animals of all sizes…

    I found an empty “Fleet” enema bottle works great as an irrigation bottle for a horse or cow’s ears. One can also use enema bottles as molds for large animal suppositories (fill the bottles with warm (melted) suppository base and place them in a rack “tips down” until they cool and set)!!

  5. Meg Sewell says:

    That is so smart! I love that Ikea ‘trash can’ and the recycling bins are TOTALLY brilliant!

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