This past weekend we hit some pretty disappointing snags but the weekend wasn’t a complete wash. We managed to get several productive things done.

Here’s what happened downstairs –

While tile in the garden apartment took 4 steps backward, the shower surround was installed!

installing the shower surround


cut surround

It doesn’t look like much because it’s white on primer white right now but paint still has to go up. So that’s cool.

shower surround

Electric & cable were run in our mantel for the future tenant’s future TV & electronics.

electric & cable

We ran the cable from the mantle & along the back side of this pipe, so it’s nice & hidden.

cable run behind pipe

The cable will eventually be run through the wall window and out the back of the house. Then the cable company will have to come & run another cable to the house (cause you know we’re not paying for their pay-per-view movies).

The mantle has started to be scrubbed down.


less gross mantle

Brillo pads with Lestoil seemed to do the trick.

Lots of progress happened upstairs too but I’ll leave that for tomorrow.

YAY progress!!!

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3 Responses to Successes

  1. caitie says:

    you guys are gonna end up wanting to live in the garden apt while you finish the rest of the house!

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