Almost Before

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the work that’s happening in the garden apartment but not many pictures.

That changes today, my friend.

This garden apartment has been a year+ in the works. Thought it could get rented out for September 2009 but that {obviously} didn’t happen. Trying again for September 2010 and – come hell or high water – it’s gonna happen. Now if the perfect tenant could just come knocking on my door, I’d be ever so grateful.

Because it’s been such a long time coming, I thought it might be good to see where we originally started, what was accomplished last year, and where things were picked back up this summer.

At the very VERY beginning, the garden apartment “kitchen” was one of the most foul things I have ever seen in my entire life.


This disgusting, brown, sticky goop that covered the ENTIRE kitchen gives me the same nauseous nightmarish feeling as the fly incident.


Luckily, one hefty family demo day and things were starting to look up.

Throughout the summer, we –

Clearly we can’t forget the garden apartment mascot! TROGDOR! THE BURNINATOR!

trogdor 1

You can follow the entire garden apartment renovation here.

At this beginning of summer 2010, things pretty much looked like this –

Behind this grungy door is the bastion of the garden apartment.


soon to be kitchen

This kitchen has come a long way. Long, LONG way.

kitchen angle 2

From the kitchen, looking back out the front door –


What’s that list stuck to the wall say?


Oh that’s right! It’s the TO DO list from July 17 & 18. . . . 2009!


main room


main space 2

back corner

Time for paint!!! YAY!

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5 Responses to Almost Before

  1. Brandi says:

    I love the dragon on the floor. I hope you can immortalize him in some way, even if it’s only in stories.

  2. It’s gonna look so great. I love the to-do list. I’m afraid that’s going to happen to me. I’m always ambitious with lists.

  3. Wow, I know that was a lot of work! It will be worth it… I can’t wait to see this room’s progress :).

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