Wanted: Kitchen Sink

I had no idea kitchen sinks cost so much.

We’re trying to be as cost-conscious* as possible in renovating our garden apartment. The stove & fridge were purchased (separately) from Craigslist for $275 total. The cabinets were free and, while they could use a good coat of paint, they’re solid & well made. Left on the list of things to buy are a kitchen sink, faucet, upper cabinets (or maybe shelves) & counter top.

I’ve been browsing online and keeping an eye on craigslist but no luck yet. Perhaps it’s because we need an odd size or maybe I’m just picky. Either way, I didn’t expect to pay more for a sink than I did all the appliances.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

~ top-mount
~ no more than 16″ wide
~ no more than 20″ long
~ not picky about depth
~ ideally, less than $100 but hopefully, less than $200

not this sink

Guess this whole “home owner” thing comes with a bit of a learning curve.

* I am looking to purchase quality, well-made materials that will last. Often times, you get what you pay for and I’m not interested in wasting money just to do it over. I’m frugal, not cheap. That said, I’m not above 2nd hand items that are still in good shape. It’s a shame when perfectly good items end up in a landfill.

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5 Responses to Wanted: Kitchen Sink

  1. mrslimestone says:

    Im not sure if you are looking for some advice but if possible I’d really recommend getting as deep of a sink as you can get. It seems like a stupid thing at first b/c I didn’t quite understand it. Now I see the light…makes such a difference in keeping counters clean as well as being about to stack dishes in there when having people over, etc… Also, the undermount is way easier to clean the surrounding counters (you never get that gunk build up on the edges).

    Speaking of, I have an extra undermount sink in my basement somewhere. I should probably list it on Craigslist. Thx for the reminder.

    • chuck svetlik says:

      HELLO, i am also looking for a small kitchen sink–for under a 3 foot window.
      2ft to 3 feet wide is a o k. i need to know your measurements, thanks ; if i qualify.!
      thanks again
      chuck sv.

  2. I suppose I’m looking for suggestions, advice, and a reality check.

    It’s for our rental unit, which is why I was thinking top-mount. I feel like undermounts require a solid surface counter and I’m not quite sure that’s in the budget. I would love it to be as deep as possible – that’s the one dimension that’s not limited!!

  3. mrslimestone says:

    Oh, its for the rental? Then yea, Im with you! Stainless is indestructable (too bad everything else in a tenants apt is not)

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