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Easy Wins

Have you ever had a simple, 5-minute project that just – for one reason or another – never seemed to happen? Do you want a kitchen sneak peak? If the answer to either of those questions is, “yes,” then this … Continue reading

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Kitchen: Painting!!!!

Ohhhhhhhh it’s feeling good! The seemingly never-ending spackling and sanding routine is done, DONE. Paint brushes and rollers have been broken out I’ve said it before and I will say it again – If you can paint, you are almost … Continue reading

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Kitchen: One Coat at at Time

Last week’s post has been motivating me to get to it already with the spackling & the painting. The main wall is still a spackle work-in-progress. The pipe dream is to sand down tonight and get another coat on so … Continue reading

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Kitchen: Sort of Lazy Days of Summer

Oh Summer. You wild & crazy beast. The plan was to have the kitchen D.O.N.E. DONE by the end of June. It is solidly the middle of July and the last 10% seems to be dragging on. And I mean … Continue reading

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Kitchen: Baby Steps

Nearly every day someone asks, “How’s the kitchen??” “It’s getting there,” is my stock reply. Because it is. Slowly. Surely. Sometimes in fits and spurts. Sometimes at a snails pace. But it is getting there. The past 2 weeks have … Continue reading

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Kitchen: Electric, Stripping & Getting Fancy

The thing about posting kitchen updates every week (rather than taking 3 weeks off and coming back with a killer HOLY-CRAP-LOOK-AT-ALL-OF-THE-THINGS post) is the amount accomplished looks a little piddly. It FEELS amazing though. This weekend was incredibly productive. Little … Continue reading

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Kitchen: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Been a couple weeks, huh? Quiet here. Not quiet in the kitchen. LOTS has happened. Hey gurl! Sarah happened to be flying to New York for a day (literally less than 24 hours) and, since my house is a 9 … Continue reading

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