Kitchen: One Coat at at Time


Last week’s post has been motivating me to get to it already with the spackling & the painting.

The main wall is still a spackle work-in-progress. The pipe dream is to sand down tonight and get another coat on so I can do a final sand tomorrow and prime. Maybe????


Probably not. But maybe.


In the meantime, the 24″ upper cabinet in the nook between the dining room & kitchen got painted. Well, the side cover panels just got primed.


But the top little cover panel got primer & 2 coats! (OooooOOOOOOooo!)


The doors – for both the 24″ nook upper & the 36″ upper – are primed and halfway painted. The fronts need 2 coats but the backs are done.


The 36″ upper cabinet is primed & has 2 coats of paint, so that’s done. (Something’s done!!)


It wasn’t until I ordered the pulls for the all the doors & drawers that I realized how much more cabinetry there is in this kitchen (as opposed to the old configuration).

And with it – how much there was to paint.


That’s the number.

This kitchen has 37 doors & drawers that need pulls. THIRTY.SEVEN.

The “before” kitchen?



Which is I guess what happens with only 4 upper cabinets and exactly zero lower cabinets.

I did the math last night.

Of those 37 doors & drawers –

  • 31 will be painted
  • 6 fronts are stainless steel (best choice ever)
  • 15 fronts are on base cabinets (and therefore already painted)
  • 16 are on upper cabinets
  • 4 of which I’m painting now
  • Leaving 12 doors for me to still paint. Plus the entire main wall of actual cabinetry.

Part of me feels like I should just break out the sprayer already.
Part of me doesn’t want to deal with the setup/tenting or waste that much paint (mostly cause then I’ll have to buy more).

I also kind of like the brush strokes look. It feels more hand-done. Honest. True to the character of the house.

I should probably get over that.

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8 Responses to Kitchen: One Coat at at Time

  1. Kerrie says:

    Love your updates, I can see heaps of progress in every one. cheers

  2. kmliving says:

    37 doors/drawers that all need hardware! That means when you get the hardware on, you can move in to your new kitchen!! Yippee!!

  3. Shanda says:

    I enjoy following your progress- it looks great.

  4. A pro painter once told me “there’s something soothing and artistic about a well executed brush mark that easily trumps the smoothest finish.”

    Looking good.

  5. Andrew says:

    Or splurge and go for an HVLP sprayer for your air compressor… no more paint than you’d use brushing + less tenting needed = pretty awesome!

  6. Susan in MD says:

    Love seeing your updates! Great work and keep ’em coming!!!!! Can’t wait to see the final “after” shot!

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  8. Mark says:

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