Amber Glass Lamp

Craigslist is always hit or miss. It seems like months pass with nothing but crap and then, all of a sudden, good stuff pops up. For $10 I found this beaut –


Ok… that lampshade is pretty rough.

But minus the tikki lampshade, we see potential. Dimpled amber glass.

gold vintage lamp

Now if only I could stumble upon a decent inexpensive drum shade…

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4 Responses to Amber Glass Lamp

  1. Spray paint the shade in white and use it as a catch all if the top is also woven !
    The base is really beautiful

  2. Did you see the Apartment Therapy tutorial to make a drum shad from an old shade? Pretty cool!

    Our Craigslist is nearly always a miss. But I’ve found a few things over the years. My folks live in Phoenix and their Craigslist is GOLD. Pure gold.

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