Friday Fun: We have paint!!

Am I a bad blogger for taking the weekend off?? Probably. Well I’m back now with lots of fun updates!! I’m also back-dating these posts so they stay on the dates that we actually did the work.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday, I went shopping. My awesome dad had a 30% off coupon at MAB paint, so we went a little hog-wild and got everything needed for the garden apt. That would be 10 gallons & 1 quart of paint. Seems like a lot for a 500sqft space but that’s what the math says we need.

I spent what felt like an eon picking out paint colors. I’m sure the sales associate loved watching me agonizing between Bittersweet Stem, Colony Buff, & Beach House.

We walked out with:

  • 2 gals of Concrete Paint in Bittersweet Stem
  • 1 gal Navajo White in eggshell finish
  • 3 gals of Classic White in eggshell finish
  • 2 gals of Classic White in semi-gloss finish
  • 2 gals Primer
  • 1 qt Latex high gloss enamel

How will it all be used??

The walls of the main room will be Classic White in the eggshell finish with baseboards and other trim in semi-gloss Classic White. The concrete floors in the kitchen and main room will be painted Bittersweet Stem.

The back wall of the kitchen (the one we ripped out) will be Navajo White with the soon-to-be-painted white cabinets. The quart of white enamel will be used to paint the black fridge white.

The bathroom walls will be Navajo White with white fixtures (tub, surround, vanity, toilet). Our (free!) tile floor is Keyera Beige.

It’s a very neutral color palatte. I tried to scan in the paint chips but the scanner isn’t cooperating. Boo! You’ll just have to wait for in-progress pics.

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4 Responses to Friday Fun: We have paint!!

  1. Kim says:

    Sounds great. I love white trim.

  2. Lily says:

    so…in other words…the apartment will be white.

    And it took you HOW LONG to pick out those colors?

    You and I are very different people, lol

    • Do you know what kind of consideration went into that floor color?!

      Finding that perfect shade of tan that’s not to yellow, not to orange, blue, green or red. And then having to hope you made the right call based on a little 1×3″ swatch. It’s pressure, I tell you. Pressure.

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