Floors After!

As promised, pictures of the floors after they’ve been refinished. I forgot to do the 3rd floor, but it’s pretty much the same.

Living to Dining room with flash

1st floor hall

I thought it was interesting how differently the newer wood took the stain compared to the older wood. See the difference?

2nd floor back room

2nd floor back room

Stain was Provincial by Minwax on 130+ year old pine floors.

2nd floor hall

Top Step

Dining room

Living room (no flash)

2nd floor front room

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8 Responses to Floors After!

  1. Eva says:

    This makes me uber excited to re-do our hardwoods. We have almost the same flooring in our next house, old random width pine, so its exciting to see how it can turn out.

  2. caitie says:

    they look BEAUTIFUL. it’s amazing what shiny new floors can do for a house. how rewarding are these pictures for you guys?!

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  5. michelle says:

    we are getting ready to have the floor in our old sleeping porch refinished.
    question, if you don’t mind, why did you refinish the floors before doing the walls, painting, etc. first? p.s. i think i’m leaning towards provincial for our old pine floor, too. thanks!

    • Honestly, the only reason we did the floors first was time-line. We didn’t have time to fix the bad plaster and paint and have the floors refinished before we moved in. It was kinda an “either/or” situation for us. We thought having the floors refinished before we moved all our stuff in made the most sense.

  6. WOW. Absolutely stunning! I think I will use Provincial on my floor & stairs refinishing. Can I ask: What did you use in addition to the stain? Like, what type of polyurethane? Those floors are so gorgeous, I literally started whimpering when I scrolled through these pics – they’re that amazing-looking!!

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