Master Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom & closet are coming together.

In fact I was planning to blog our big Elfa reveal over at Glocally today but that doesn’t look like it’s happening. Early next week {Mon/Tues} seems a little more realistic. So if you’re holding your breath for that, you might want turn blue. Sorry!

I’ve been a little side-tracked thinking about the finishing touches for our bedroom. Namely, our bedding.

See, back when we lived in the apartment, we had a red comforter set that we picked up on super sale at Khols {I think???}. Back in 2008 I hosted a bachelorette party that was colored in teals, greens, & deep purples. With only 700 sqft, the bedroom was bound to be seen and even used. Obviously a red ~ almost maroon ~ comforter just wasn’t going to do. So I made {well, actually Mom made it b/c I was running out of time} a duvet cover out of the same dark teal fabric I was using on the buffet {IKEA sheets to be exact}. Budget friendly!!

That temporary teal duvet made out of cheap IKEA sheets has been on our comforter EVER SINCE. And it’s been awesome. It’s held up great, it’s easy to take off & wash but I’m just ready for a change.

So far, we’ve been picking things for the room that are relatively neutral. The curtains, bedskirt, and shag rug are all in the off-white/ivory/cream family. I love how the different textures create dimension and interest but it’s not busy. It’s certainly left us lots of options for bedding and that was kinda the point.

The wall color is a cool neutral {Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments, to be exact}. It’s not definitely blue or green or gray, rather a combo. Different light brings out different shades. I’ve tried several different accent colors and haven’t really found one that really fights.

Our darker wood floors are in a similar tone to our dressers, actually. And – again – go with whatever.

So far, we’ve created a room that’s got a lot of texture and layers but no real strong color. I want color. Don’t get me wrong, I love what we have so far!! I think it’ll be a great foundation to grow with and I really wouldn’t change anything.

While I was originally planning to keep the bed really neutral and layered with texture on the white-light tan side of the spectrum, I’ve changed my mind. The bed gets color. Which color??

I’m drawing most of my inspiration from one of my favorite paintings.

crutch painting

It’s looking a little dark in this picture but you get the idea. You may remember that back when we were choosing paint for the bedroom, I pulled it in to see if it’d work with the colors. Well it’s the perfect size & shape for the space above our mantle & a piece I love to look at every day.

One of my dearest friends painted it while she was in art school. When she packed up to move out-of-state, she said I could have it. I love the colors, texture and ~ most importantly ~ the meaning & story behind the subject. It’s one of my most treasured pieces. If there were a fire, I’d probably save this piece before I saved my doll molds. And if you know me – that’s HUGE. {Of course the molds are metal and would probably survive a fire just fine. Not that I’ve thought about this or anything…}

So whatever bedding we choose, it’s got to work with this painting. Preferably pulling out the oranges because I LURV me some orange!

What do you think of this one??

MB idea board

It’s got the blues & oranges, like the painting. The pattern is busy enough to hide whatever dust & dirt the dog might bring up on his paws. I think it works. Do you??

I’ve still got to find an overhead light to replace the bare bulb I stare into daily but we’ll get there. Suggestions are welcome!!

Do you do neutral bedding? Or go wild & crazy? Think it’s weird I’m considering a print that has bugs on it? Or are they just perfect?

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13 Responses to Master Bedroom Ideas

  1. fun! and you’ve got a great palette to work if you do choose it. lots of colors to pull out for accent pieces. (and who doesn’t love orange and navy?!)

    if you love it, go for it!

    and, omg, i saw some amazing monotone orange ceramic vases, with ceramic flowers growing out of the sides, at home goods this weekend. would be fab with this. maybe some blue and white asian pottery too?

  2. Quinn says:

    I love that bedding! I want it!

  3. Mom Liv says:

    Love your fabric!!!

  4. That bedding reminds my of the bedding from Grammy and Pop-pop’s old house… you know which room I’m talking about. Love you!

  5. Eva says:

    I really love the bedding! I’m not completely sold on it working with the room plan though. Tough call if it will compliment the painting or compete for the attention.

    Found these options that I thought might work for you also:

    Good luck deciding!

  6. Erin says:

    i really like it… the colors are gorgeous and it just looks like you to me. Super pretty!

  7. Sarah says:

    Do you LOVE it?

  8. Melissa says:

    I am so flattered that you are planning your bedroom decor around that painting! Oh my goodness 🙂 I have a special present that is on its way to you and Rob in the mail. It is a belated anniversary present. Miss you so much sweetie! I will be able to drive again in mid-February and would love to plan a weekend get together. I’m sure your recruitment schedule is crazy right now. Let me know if you think you’ll have a free weekend. ❤

  9. Stacy says:

    The proportions of your print bedding are restrained and proper compared to the painting and it disagrees and ignores the feeling of the painting. Eva’s find at CB2 would be more in tune and follows better with the painting’s spirit. I might feel differently if it were for a couch. Love following your process along!

  10. livi says:

    I like the C2B bedding & the one you show too but wonder if yours might not work in there for some reason I cannot quite put my finger on. I’m not sure the C2B is right either!

  11. livi says:

    & I LOVE that painting too!

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