A little while back, I confessed that we didn’t own rugs. They’re typically expensive little suckers.

But we needed one. Not “needed” because it would help the design of the room {which it does} or simply because we ought to have one. Needed because all our floors are hardwoods. Gorgeous newly refinished hardwood floors. But in the month we’ve lived here full-time, I’ve found the slightly annoying thing about hardwood floors.

You constantly feel the grit on the bottom of your feet.

I swiffer but {to be completely honest} I don’t like cleaning. There. I said it. I don’t like to clean. I do what I have to so things aren’t gross but I’m not winning any awards.

I hate feeling grit on my feet but I also constantly walk around barefoot. I don’t want to get the furniture dirty, so before I put my feet up on the sofa or ottoman I wipe my feet on my pant legs. I don’t want grit in bed, so before crawling in…. I wipe my feet on my pant legs.

What one fails to realize when wiping said feet on said pant legs is that you’ve now just transferred the grit from your feet to your pant leg. Therefore, it is now IN YOUR BED. barf. This leads to more frequent sheet changes which counteracts my desire to clean less.

A rug would solve this problem.

I’ve been keeping my eye out and was starting to think we’d have to spend several hundreds to get the size we needed. I wanted something that would go under the bed and stick out enough on both sides; 10′ wide seemed ideal. I found one from CB2 that I really liked but the 8’x10′ size was $599.


After looking at other websites, that was starting to sound reasonable. $600 for a grit-wiper just idn’t gonna happen.

A few weeks ago while wandering through what’s quickly becoming my 2nd home, I happened upon a rug that just might work. Thanks Home Depot!

Glimmer in store

It’s a multi-color shag with tans & creams & a slight sheen to some strands.

Glimmer in store

I wasn’t originally thinking shag but the price! $199 for 8’x10′?! I could love it for that price.

Couple days later, I get Home Depot’s promo email. All area rugs 20% off with FREE SHIPPING. Online only.

Took Rob back to Home Depot and, while he doesn’t love shag, agreed the price & colors were right. Went home & ordered it.

{Well, actually I agonized over it until the last day of the sale and THEN ordered it.} It should also be noted that since purchasing, Home Depot has continued their “20% off All Area Rugs” sale, so maybe it’s something they do regularly.

It was waiting on my porch about 4 days earlier than expected.

Showed up early

It then stood, in the corner of our bedroom for about a week.


But last night was the night.


We cleared out the bed.


Then laid down the rug pad & shaggy rug. The shag was all smooshed flat {technical term} from being rolled. See the darker spot toward the right? That’s where we started fluffing up the fibers.


If you’re really analyzing the picture, I should note we shifted it away from the wall {left side of pic} about 5″ before putting the bed back. I wanted more rug exposed at the foot of the bed. Like so –

{from the hall looking into the room} {you can see we scooted it toward the mantle a little}


We choose Mohawk Home’s Constellation rug in ‘Glimmer’. The color is lighter than pictured on the Home Depot website. We purchased it after seeing it in the store, so it was exactly what we were expecting.

It lists for $199 but it was 20% off with free shipping. I wish it could’ve been $159.20 but we also had to pay sales tax. That brought us to just about $170 for the rug. We spent another $33 on the 6’x9′ rug pad but I think it’s money well spent. I can definitely feel the difference.

Since the pad is so much shorter than the rug, we cheated it down a bit. The pad cushions the rug sticking out at the bottom of the bed and stops about 2′ before the rug does nearer the headboard {if that makes sense}.


There it is! Our very first grown-up rug and it didn’t break the bank. I love the colors and the texture. It looks so good with the curtains & headboard fabric.

This morning before Rob left for work he said to me, “This rug was a good buy. I like it.” And I couldn’t agree more.

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17 Responses to Shagged

  1. p says:

    You could cupt the pad in half and move it to the rug margins.

    • If it were that short in the width dimension, instead of the height, I think we would have. How it’s placed now, there’s no pad under the nightstands. It’s actually better because they sit flatter.

  2. Anna says:

    Have you ever considered buying a carpet remnant and having the raw edges bound? I have done this several times for cheap. We’re talking $30 for a 12 x 12 rug very similar to the shag that you bought.

    • We did but didn’t happen upon anything we liked. {That’s actually what we did with my college rug.} If we had kept looking, we probably would’ve found something but we were ready to be done. It’s a good tip to share though!!

  3. Kim says:

    I like it! And, I totally agree that rugs are a necessity with hardwood floors.

    May I suggest borrowing my in-laws, who happen to purchase new rugs approximately once a month? So far, I have had three hand-me-down rugs in my living room. Dining room rug – in-laws. Office – in-laws. Kitchen – you guessed it. They were all practically new. You cannot have my in-laws for good however, but I will allow you to borrow them for their exceptional hand-me-downs. I don’t need a new rug right now. =)

  4. Michelle Bagge says:

    Another place to look if you come South anytime soon is Avalon Carpet in Cherry Hill by the DSW. We ended up getting a great area rug for our family room that ties everything together for 89 bucks. I was excited!

  5. Sara says:

    You did good! I spent $600 on the 8×10 Pottery Barn Zebra rug for our living room and it was worth every penny. However, I have since purchased all other rugs in our home from Ebay and Craigslist, slightly used (some PB too), for only a couple hundred. Equally happy.

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  7. Oh bummer I didn’t see this when you posted it. I need this exact rug and have been waiting for a sale.

    Oh well. If you spot another 20% promotion, would you mind sending it my way?

  8. livi says:

    I know that grit…its gross brushing your feet off before putting your socks on & before crawling into bed at night – maybe I need this carpet too?!?

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