Bedding Overload

With the headboard nearing completion, a bed skirt to match, the curtains installed & gliding like buttah, a rug shagaliciously underfoot, bedside tables being sidetables, and the DVD clutter cleared away there is only one major thing left to do in the bedroom.

Bedding. {Well, technically bedding & lighting but I’m not thinking about lighting yet.}

Much like the overwhelming tidal wave of dishwashers, my head is swirling with bedding options. Thank you for your honest comments about my previous bedding idea.

MB idea board

For those that love it, it’s a print called “Bettina”, discontinued from Pottery Barn. There’s a few sellers that have it on eBay but I’ve yet to pull the trigger.

I like it. I honestly really really really like it. Rob likes it. But I don’t know if I LOVE it. I’m not sure it works with the room. I can’t quite put my finger on it but, for whatever reason, I’ve yet to commit. That hesitation leads me to believe – however lovely – Bettina might not be right for our room. It might be but maybe not.

See? I’m waffling. I’ve scoured websites upon websites looking at everything from duvet covers to quilts. So far I’ve looked at the ENTIRE bedding categories on:

  1. Pottery Barn
  2. Restoration Hardware
  3. Crate and Barrel
  4. CB2
  5. Amazon {that took forever}
  6. Overstock
  7. Bed Bath & Beyond
  8. Linens-n-Things
  9. Horchow
  10. Design Public
  11. Dwell Studio
  12. Anthropologie
  13. Urban Outfitters
  14. West Elm
  15. Z Gallerie
  16. Target
  17. IKEA
  18. Macy’s
  19. Nordstrom
  20. Sears
  21. JCPenny
  22. Kohl’s
  23. Ebay
  24. Etsy

I’m nothing if not thorough.

Unfortunately, the only thing I’ve managed to accomplish is be even more undecided than I was before. Nothing on the 2 dozen websites screamed BUY ME!!!!! So I’m taking that as a sign. The active bedding search is on hold.

See, 3 days after Rob & I started dating a friend {Tepp} asked me about “us” and me ~ being the too-cool-for-school 16-year-old that I was ~ replied “Whatever! It’s not like I’m going to marry him or anything.”

So I’m not going to look. Instead, I’m switching strategies to an actively passive search. My energies will be focused on other projects and things that need to get done {like this pesky no-so-little “capstone” project for my masters}. Hopefully in my travels, when I least expect it, I’ll happen upon the perfect fit that we’ll love forever. It seemed to work so far.

master bedroom mantel

If you think you have the perfect duvet/comforter/quilt, please share! I’d love for it to compliment the painting that we have above the mantel {feel free to ignore the weird dark green grate. Stripping the paint off of it is on the TO DO list}.

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12 Responses to Bedding Overload

  1. caitieg says:

    i’m gonna say i’m usually a solid color person when it comes to bedding. accent pillows galore and possibly multiple solid colors but i do like solids. I think they compliment other decorations (like the buchanan) better than patterns or images and they’re more flexible. As much as i love bedding like the pottery barn one you’re showing- I’m almost certain I’d get tired of it after a while. You don’t get tired of solids because they always remain what they are- just beautiful solid colors that you can really customize and mix&match.

    that’s my 30 cents.

  2. I have a few comments/suggestions:

    1. You are quite picky. (not a bad thing, but WHOA that’s alot of stores!)
    2. I agree with caitieg, a solid color comforter/duvet would be very nice and allow you to get colorful pillows that coordinate with anything in your room.
    3. You could just make your own duvet. If you have made everything else in the room, why not that? There is so much awesome fabric out there, too.
    4. I personally think the Pottery Barn Organic Tile Print duvet (in Clementine) would look amazing in your room with that artwork and your walls. I have the shams on my bed and am also thinking about getting the duvet. Ebay has only king sizes, but you can remedy that with a little Nip/Tuck! (RIP Nip/Tuck)

    • 1. You have *no* idea. Well, after this post, you may have some idea. haha! 2. That was my original idea. Then I thought it might be boring. But now I think ya’ll are on to something moving back in that direction. 3. I always end up here… “make”… you know that’s a 4-letter word, right? 😉 4. I must have missed that pattern! It’s really pretty.

  3. Yes! The tile print is pretty and modern! They are good prices, too. Can’t wait to see what you pick.

  4. That’s the kind of color that I admire in other homes but can’t quite do in mine. The print is gorgeous though, and you have the eye for color.

    Still laughing about your 16-year-old comment. I can relate. 🙂

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  6. Brandi says:

    See, I’ve always chosen my bedding with two things in mind: (1) comfort and (2) cats. I searched for bedding for my CA apt for MONTHS before I finally gave up, called my mother, and asked her to ship my duvet cover from NJ. (It’s West Elm, by the way — soft, durable, and easy to wash). I think it’s a good idea to give up the search for some time. You may not find THE perfect bedding, but finding something you like a lot is a good start.

  7. Sarah says:

    Bloomingdales annual bedding sale this Sat. Some seriously lovely stuff….. relatively affordable.

  8. Molly says:

    I stumbled on this website randomly, which is funny because I grew up in West Orange NJ. My parents worked in Newark for years. Now I live in Utah.

    Anyway, I actually have a duvet cover in “Bettina”. I bought it on sale and absolutely love it. In fact it actually inspired me to repaint my entire guest bedroom around it (gray/green). I say, go ahead and buy it!

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