Super Towel

Kim’s challenge this week is

Monday, Dec. 7: Dare to… give homemade gifts!

Nothing is more special than a gift made by you. Try out something new to give this year – ideas include bath and body items, kitchen gifts, hand-sewn clothing or home decor.

My project is actually a surprise for one of our new family traditions.

Of course, since I’m putting this out for the entire world to see, I guess the cats out of the bag. If you’re one of Rob’s female cousins, do me a favor & stop reading so you can still be surprised!

See, Rob’s family is kinda gigantic. There are 7 female cousins/significant others in our generation {well, technically 9 but 2 don’t live around here}. Last year, we decided to start a new tradition.

Cousins Cookie Camp!

One Saturday before Christmas, we all get together at one of our houses and bake cookies. It’s a way for everyone to learn the family recipes that have been passed down from older generations and test out some new recipes too. {I think my Cranberry Orange Walnut “Cookies” will be making an appearance.} Plus we all get to hang out, which doesn’t happen nearly enough.

I wanted to create something useful for all the girls to commemorate the occasion.

What do you need besides a Kitchen Aid for making cookies?

A place to wipe your fingers!


A plain ole boring white tea towel got spruced up with some festive polka dot fabric & grosgrain ribbon.

This was cheap too! The 7 towels, fabric, & grosgrain ribbon cost me $25 total ~ Or about $3.60/towel!


On the grosgrain ribbon I embroidered “cousins cookie camp 2009”.

I debated about embroidering it or not ~ didn’t want it to be too corny ~ but I’m glad I did. The right-justified small point font & all lowercase letters keep it modern, instead of lame.

As I finished up the tea towels, I held one up to my waist.

See, I’m a messy baker. Ok… I’m inherently messy but adding flour & eggs to the equation makes for an especially messy time. I’m always resisting the urge to wipe my fingers on my pants because I left the tea towel on the opposite side of the kitchen.

And it hit me!


Tea Towel Apron.

Add a couple ribbon belt loops and some rickrack… VOILA!


A completely perfect place to wipe my gooey fingers after cleaning the beaters {& by “cleaning the beaters” I mean “meticulously squeegeed off the batter with my fingers and into my mouth”}.

And if you don’t want to wear it as an apron, just remove the ribbon. The loops provide a pretty handy place to hang the towel up.


I hope the girls like them!

Big THANK YOU to both my mothers. I pre-washed both the towels & fabric at my mom-in-law’s, then stitched it all up at my mom’s tricked out sewing room/basement. She has an embroidery machine! It’s totally sweet.

The embroidery adds a special touch and I’m pretty positive I would not have done it by hand.

Yup… Absolutely-positively-without-a-doubt would not have embroidered all 7 by hand. {Me=not patient} It was also awesome to not have to buy any notions, like thread or interfacing.

I’ll post a complete “How To” on Thursday. Without the embroidery, this whole project is pretty beginner. You could even do the whole thing with “Stitch Witchery” right in your apartment!

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8 Responses to Super Towel

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  2. Kim says:

    Okay…I LOVE THIS. Can I come to cookie camp? I really want to. I love the idea of turning a towel into an apron.

    And, I love the embroidery, but I’m def. a little cheesy. =) I really really want a embroidery machine….

    Are you reading, Santa?

    =) Thanks for joining in this week. YOu are always so clever and crafty. Always ipressive.

  3. Laurel says:

    They are darling – love the ribbon.

  4. Tammy Hebert says:

    How ingenious. An apron or a towel. I am alike in the fact that I wipe my hands on my pants continously when baking.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Carole Bellaver says:

    You never cease to amaze me!!!!!! You are totally awesome!!!! The girls are going to love them!!!!!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    adorable! but where are the cookie recipes?! 😉

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