Escape from Hoth

{Escape from where?}

Last night our thermostat looked like this.


That would read 52 degrees. Indoors. It was chilly.

Remember the thermocouple incident?

While I managed to get it out just fine, putting back was a different story. Sure, it seemed like it should just screw back in like the old one unscrewed but there was the nagging notion that I could blow up the house. Gas is no joke.

{old one}

My over confidence and pride said I could do it all by myself. I didn’t need anyone’s help. My desire to have a home and not a pile of rubble decided it might be a good idea to ask my dad for some assistance. He obliged.


Straighten the new thermocouple out, being very careful to not kink the copper tubing.


The skinny wand part of the thermocouple is the heat sensor. The 3 little pieces of hardware that come with it hold the wand {not exactly the technical term} in the bracket. It doesn’t come with directions and took some trial & error.

Here’s how we put it together:






Then it just screws in.


Tightened with wrenches just to be sure.



Now we need to remount the bracket to the burner that I mistakenly unscrewed.

Here’s nifty tool my dad brought with him! When you twist the top, the piece in the middle clicks over a little.




Now if you were to put a screw on the end of it and twist…


it holds the screw!


Makes lining up those stubby screw with the small holes that much easier.


Of course, it doesn’t tighten. The screw will just pop off if you twist too hard; so tighten it good with your regular screw driver.


Now replace the burner {I did this part & the rest!} {cheesy smile}


And attach the other end.


Turn the gas from “Off” to “Pilot”.


While your partner in crime {aka Dad} holds down the gas release, light the pilot. If all has gone well, you will still have both eyebrows and it’ll look something like this –


Except not so blurry and mysterious looking.

Then turn the gas knob from “Pilot” to “On”.


Switch on the electric to the furnace. Don’t forget to make sure your thermostat is on so it calls heat!

turn on heat

Within a few minutes, you should hear everything light off and be rewarded with the warm glow of a working furnace.


Isn’t that a beautiful thing? Not bad for a less-than-$7 fix and a little teamwork. Go team.

Ah sweet warmth… Sweet sweet higher gas bill. Lets enjoy that once more, shall we?

sweet sweet furnace

It’s a beautiful thing.

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6 Responses to Escape from Hoth

  1. Eva says:

    Thumbs up for working heat! and YAY for the Star Wars reference!

  2. Lily says:

    Uncle Thad saves the day! I swear, is there anything your family can’t do?

    If anybody ever asks me, “if you were trapped on a deserted island with only one tool, what would it be?”

    My answer would be “The L’s”

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  6. leah says:

    haha – love the title.

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