It’s a Wonderful Wreath

Sunday was spent Christmas-fying our home. We don’t go all out; the thought of having to put everything away before Valentines Day keeps my decorating desires in check.

Or maybe it’s because we’re in the middle of a stalled renovation. Aside from having heat, nothing structural or dramatic has happened since we installed our new fence. {Although having heat is pretty frickin’ awesome and deserves some serious celebrating.}

Or maybe it’s because we’re not hosting a Christmas event; no dinners, get-togethers, or parties.

No matter what the excuse, our holiday decor is consisting of a wreath, window candles, & a Christmas card display and I’m totally good with that.


There must be something to the notion that men are hard wired to find & provide things for the home. Rob scavenged the metal poster holder from the trash. So when he came home with a free wreath, I wasn’t surprised.


A free real evergreen LIT wreath with a pretty sweet red bow.

Nothing but the best for the king of daytime television. And when said king chooses to gift his wreaths, I will gladly take them. Anytime.


Screw in a simple hook & add a socket plug to the stoop fixture.

{Like this but we went with the kind that has 2 plugs & a socket – in case we ever want to plug something in and still keep the light. Less than $3 at the Depot.}

Admire handywork.


Of course we did this on Sunday when it was rainy, cold, and gross outside.


Side note – Rob left food out for a stray cat he saw. Bets on becoming THAT house for all the neighborhood strays?


Back to the wreath…

I love it.


I think it’s the perfect size for our door & stoop.


I love that it’s real evergreen. The classic white lights don’t blink, shimmy, shake, or crawl {shudder}. The bow is a little traditional but full & good quality ribbon. No chintzy plastic here, folks!


Great find, husband. It’s perfection.

Next on the TO DO list? Window Candles.


Do you do a wreath? Get all crafty and make one? Find perfection at the store? Or ~ like us ~ are you in the lucky “finders-keepers” camp?

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5 Responses to It’s a Wonderful Wreath

  1. Dad "A" says:

    Looks lovely, Carrie. Very pretty. Rob comes forth from a great clan of long time “gatherers”. I think it was his great-great-great-great-great-great great grandfather, Pacifico “A” who dragged a Mastadon bone down from the Pirennes and made the first sofa.

  2. Mom Liv says:

    Perfect look for your new home!

  3. Kim says:

    I love the wreath. Love that it lights up.

    Quite lovely.

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  5. Sara says:

    The wreath is stunning! I love it.

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