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Good Enough For Court

This was supposed to be a post all about sand blasting but that’s not quite ready for prime time yet. It was a big job and something worth sharing but I want to do it right with all the details. … Continue reading

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Stoop Update

So April & May happened and now it’s June. HI!! The problem with taking long breaks between posts is there seems like an insurmountable amount of info to share. Things may have been quiet on the blog but they certainly … Continue reading

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Foam Party

Phew! I was a little worried about how my choice to replace the rotten wood arch with foam would go over but y’all are an understanding bunch. I honestly think it’s the best choice for this project and I had … Continue reading

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I had hoped the stoop project would be relatively simple. Scrape, maybe a little sanding, repaint, and be done with it. NotSoMuch. That was wishful, wishful thinking. But hey; a girl can dream. The arched top of the woodwork didn’t … Continue reading

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So, The Stoop

Just a note – I might not post on a particular schedule, but I promise I’m back. No more giant spans of time missing from action around these parts! As I mentioned last week, I’m shifting priorities to the front … Continue reading

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On 2012 & The House’s Post Break-Up Haircut

2012 was a difficult year. Most of 2010 & 2011 weren’t exactly a walk in the park but I still made half an attempt at blogging. But 2012… 2012 was different. 2012 was coming to terms with the finality of … Continue reading

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Because Somebody Cares

One of the main impetus for putting in a spigot out front was my stoop. Come the spring & summer, I enjoy sprucing up the stoop with flowers. It all started in 2010 when my mom decided the large planter … Continue reading

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It’s A @*%#$8!& Miracle!

May 29 will mark 2 years owning this home. Last week marks the very first day the City of Newark actually came and picked-up the recycling. I still had to call and report the missed pickup. But Holy.Crap. They came!! … Continue reading

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Hard Candy Shell

The entire city pretty much looks like this – Everything has a thick, slippery, beautiful hard candy shell of ice. It’s very pretty on the railings and trees. Not so much on my sidewalk. This winter has been crazy with … Continue reading

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Homegrown Lunch

I took a personal day today. The garden unit still isn’t finished and it needs to be. Like yesterday. After finally finishing a post for Glocally {my follow-up review of the Newark Boat Tour}, I decided to make myself some … Continue reading

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