Hard Candy Shell

The entire city pretty much looks like this –

candy coating

Everything has a thick, slippery, beautiful hard candy shell of ice.

It’s very pretty on the railings and trees. Not so much on my sidewalk.

This winter has been crazy with the snow & ice. I typically hate the cold. It gets in me and hurts. {Probably because I don’t wear a hat or gloves.} I like being warm & cozy. Perhaps that’s why I find the heated mattress pad and double layer of down comforters so difficult to pry myself away from. But at the same time {and when layered properly}, I find the still and quiet of a snow-covered city cozy too.

There’s a warmth to snow storms; enveloping the city in fluffy piles of precipitation. Waking up to tree branches glistening; like everything has been dipped in glass. The light reflecting off icicles. Things literally frozen in time. Ignoring the obvious tracheary inherent in such conditions, it’s quite nice. Beautiful even.

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4 Responses to Hard Candy Shell

  1. Anne says:

    1) It’s 86 and sunny here…just sayin you *should* pop over

    2) Lick it…I dare you;)

  2. KML says:

    Love your analogy… thinking a dish of vanilla ice cream with chocolate, hard shell topping sounds yummy.

  3. Wow! You did get the ice, didn’t you? We got hit with major snow (along with the rest of the country). But I won’t complain about a snow day.

  4. It looks good enough to lick.

    On second thought… I’ve heard that doesn’t work out well.

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