114 Items to Giveaway

It’s February 1st and that means January 2011 is officially over.

Back at the beginning of the month, Kim inspired me to give away 111 items. I think the challenge was to just get rid of 111 things in 1/11 but I didn’t count things that went in the trash {LOTS!} Getting rid of trash is easy for me. If something isn’t useful anymore or broken or simply gross, out it goes no tears shed.

Getting rid of perfectly good items. . . not so easy. “What if I’ll wish I had this one day in the future?” “But this could come in really handy if…” “I used to use this all the time.” “I remember…”

My challenge was to giveaway 111 useful items that I am no longer using. And it is a challenge for me.

I worry that I’ll regret not saving X, Y, or Z. Or I get caught up in the sentimentality attached to different items. The memories come flooding back – who gave it to us or how I found it, where it was stored or used in previous homes, the good times associated with whatever it is. As you look down the list, you’ll probably notice none of these things are inherently special. Honestly, they’re mostly just crap but there’s still a story or memory I could tell you about each & every one.

But I did it. 114 items I no longer need OR want to store –

  • 8 wooden shelves to the entertainment unit I sold on craigslist
  • 2 boxes of 4×6 photo paper
  • 6 baseball caps
  • 2 pairs of bowling shoes
  • 2 baseball cap organizers
  • Bunch of travel stuff from hotels
  • Travel alarm clock
  • 4 rubber duckies
  • Set of duckie non-slip tub stick things
  • Rutgers license plate holder
  • 2 sets of 6 window candles
  • Sun mirror
  • Asian-style soy sauce bowl
  • 2 champagne flutes
  • Room air purifier
  • Storage ottoman thing
  • Heavy iron bar sign
  • Indo board (which I’m shipping to my brother)
  • 4 matted photos
  • Wicker basket
  • 8 brand new, never used square glass plates
  • 2 dog beds
  • Large glass jar/vase
  • 8×10 canvas
  • CD organizer
  • Yo Gabba-Gabba hat
  • A hard hat
  • Clear glass vase
  • Small animal cage water bottle
  • Large Michigan beer mug
  • 4 square framed mirrors
  • Random greeting/birthday cards
  • 2 packages of water guns
  • 2 women’s shirts
  • Pair of sweatpants
  • Photo collage frame
  • 8 glass mugs
  • A three section server
  • Blue-green glass bowl/planter
  • Spiderman bowl
  • 2 blue flower lamps
  • 2 plastic rolling cabinets/file things
  • Outlet adapters
  • Earring travel organizer
  • 16 pairs of earrings
  • 3 bracelets
  • 3 necklaces
  • Belt
  • 2 pairs of black pumps

TOTAL: 114 items

None of it is being used anymore. It’s just junk sitting in boxes taking up space. Perhaps one day I’ll “wish I had. . . ” but – IF that day comes {and that’s a big IF} – I’ll find a new one, when I need it.

For now, I hope all these former possessions can find new homes to be loved and used to create new memories. If you see anything here that you want, just email me {brickcitylove at gmail dot com} and I’ll send you a pic. It’s all free.

I feel lighter.

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3 Responses to 114 Items to Giveaway

  1. Wow! You got rid of so much stuff. Great job! Doesn’t it feel great?

  2. I wish you would’ve given the photo paper to me! We’ve got so many frames to fill. Good job, you!

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