The Long Lost Gate

First, I have to give a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to Cara Greenburg of casaCARA.  Back in February she wrote about an iron salvage tucked under the F train tracks and next to the Lowes parking lot all the way over in Brooklyn. At the time, we were living in an apartment with no need for salvaged iron.

But after we closed on this humble abode, the memory came rushing back. You see, our front fence is missing its gate.


Poor fence. All lonely & sad. A gate would make it complete and happy.

Our neighbors have gates.



The ironwork of the fence is exactly the same as the gate. It creates a totally seamless line of ironwork across the front of our home. But honestly, where would we ever find a replacement?


We were headed over to the eastern boroughs of NYC Monday to pick up our curtain track {whee!!!} and decided to check out that iron salvage place Cara had talked about. It’s a long shot. Super crazy long shot. They’re not going to have EXACTLY what we need but it would make for a fun afternoon. Besides, we were practically in the neighborhood.


When Cara said It’s under the F train tracks, she wasn’t kidding! We actually parked at the far end of the Lowes parking lot.


It’s a really cool place!


So much iron.


I showed Roy {the ironmonger himself} a picture of our railing and said, “I’m looking for 3 pieces of this. Any chance you have it?”

Never in a million years would they have it. We live in Newark. How would Brooklyn salvage yard have matching pieces?! But I figured Roy knows the stock better than anyone and would quickly put me out of my misery.

He showed me a few similar pieces and then asked to look at the picture again.

“Actually, I have a long piece of that!”

Hidden behind several other pieces, tucked off on the side was this.


7 feet of EXACTLY THE SAME FENCE. Exactly. The Same.

{upside down}

What?! How is this even possible.

Roy asked what part of Brooklyn we were from and was surprised to hear we really live in Newark.

He was nice enough to sell us just the 3 sections we need.


It was not easy to cut.


But they did it!


These three sections came home with us.


But these 4 were left behind {in case anyone’s interested}.


When we got it home, we had to try it out.


Even pretended it was really a gate.


Do you see the near PERFECT MATCH?! Isn’t that wild? I’m so flippin’ excited.


Now we’re in the market for an iron guy. I’m not exactly sure what you’d call it; an iron artisan?? Basically, we need someone to take our little section of 3, add end rails, the hinge pieces and a latch. A little sandblasting would be nice too. I would love any references you can send my way!

And go see Roy {full detailed review to come}.

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9 Responses to The Long Lost Gate

  1. cara says:

    Would I steer ya wrong? I’m telling ya, the place is a treasure trove & Roy is a prince!
    So glad you found what you needed. As for finding someone to make the piece into a proper gate, go to the link above – it’s an article I wrote back in ’92 about Brooklyn ironworkers. Some of them may still be in business in Red Hook. There’s one called Vinnie’s on Bergen Street in Bklyn that definitely is. But you can probably find someone closer to home. Doesn’t Newark have a district called Ironbound?

  2. katie says:

    that is amazing! what a great find! i love places like that, there is a salvage store here in st louis that we go to all of the time looking for really random things for our house. i’m always amazed that they seem to have everything we need.

  3. townhouselady says:

    MAYJAH SCORE! That is SO exciting!

    That Cara, she’s a godsend to old homes like ours! I’ve hit up Roy’s a few time trying to find a section of fence for in front of our house. We still have the porch railings but somewhere along the way the front fence was replaced (boo hiss). He’s never had our pattern but I hold out hope that one day I’ll come across it somewhere.

    This place makes a reproduction of our fencing but it’s very expensive:

    I’m hoping to avoid having to resort to use them.

  4. Quinn says:

    I love hearing things like this!

  5. mrslimestone says:

    Thats awesome! What a score.

    Im at that Lowes ALL THE TIME – I should get an award or something. Never managed to find anything I wanted to buy in that salvage lot but maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough 🙂

    (Please note – most of Brooklyn does not look like that particular spot.)

  6. stephanie says:

    impressive! finding exactly what you need NEVER happens!!

  7. jplusn says:

    what a great find! its always great when things like that work out perfectly for house renos … i find that a lot of the times it can be quite the opposite

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