Dear Santa

Brick City Love’s Christmas Wish List  

  1. Container Store gift cards
    The Container Store is currently running a “Buy $100 in gift cards, Get a $25 one for yourself” promotion. We plan to use their free-standing Elfa system for our walk-in closet and they have an annual 30% every January. You can see where I’m going with this… Anniversary present maybe?? {wink wink nudge nudge…hubby??}
  2. Someone to mud for 2nd floor front room
    Our 2nd floor front room was covered in cardboard soundproofing when closed. Taking it down was one of our first projects.
    While it was easy-peasy getting it off the walls, the liquid nails used to adfix it left the entire room polka dotted. And I mean ENTIRE room. Every single nook, cranny, and creavis was covered; the walls, marble fireplace, doors, ceiling – literally everything is polka dotted. So we could cover all those polka dots with joint compound, sand and repeat a million {or 4} times.

    OR we could cover everything in 1/4″ drywall and actually have smooth walls {which would be the first and probably only room in the house}. Either option will require mudding & sanding and mudding & sanding. After doing that 8 times {not an exageration} in the bedroom, guess what’s not happening!! Me <- mudding & sanding. I’ll gladly hang the drywall but draw the line at taping & mudding & sanding {& mudding & sanding & mudding & sanding}. I’m finally wising up and following Katie Bower’s lead. Hire that part out!

    Any Newark-ites got a guy? C’mon! Everyone’s got a guy. We just need that “guy” to be a mudman who’s good and affordable cheap {cause I’m cheap thrifty}.

  3. A mail vault for packages
    In our apartment building, we had a 24 hour conceirge who would sign for packages, dry cleaning, whatever showed up for you. It was very fancy. {I felt fancy.} And while I’m totally loving our Christmas-fiyed stoop, it’s not quite big enough for a doorman/conceirge {nor is the budget for that matter!}.
    Our wee mailslot is original to the door {I think} but, well, tiny.mailslot The Netflix DVDs have to be slid through individually so they can flex a little to sqeeze through! While this hasn’t been a problem yet, I’m still not super comfortable with packages just chillin’ on the stoop {all of 3 steps from the sidewalk} while we’re away at work. A package vault {tucked behind our front fence} would make me a happy girl. And if dVault could run a 60% off sale, I’d be estatic. 
  4. Our $8,000 first-time homeowner rebate
    Um…. hey gov’t! We can hasz monies pleze? The amended tax return was filed back in September. We are just at 12 weeks, well within the 12-16 week estimate we were given back in November when we called for an update. But $8,000 would be pretty sweet for getting ye-olde-renovations back on track. ALTHOUGH! Did anyone else read about this proposed “Cash for Caulkers“?? 50% rebate on all energy efficient home improvements? Yes.PLEASE. And new super energy efficient windows paid for with the $8,000 gov’t credit and getting 50% back?! New windows? Party of 20?
  5. A few free weekends to focus on the house
    We have not had a good solid weekend at home since October. As hard as I’ve tried doing the Bewitched nose twitch, it just isn’t working. I’m gonna keep practicing though. Maybe someday…
  6. 4 – 12″ chair legs
    I like the little brass feet on those. They’d be perfect for my shoe organization project.
  7. Dishwasher
    I am not good with this “hand-washing” thing. If I told you how long dishes sometimes sit in the sink, you’d never come over for dinner. We have the spot for it!
    dishwasher's home
    Right there! Ready & waiting for a dishwasher to slip snuggly into place. The kitchen wants a dishwasher. Not me. Do it for the kitchen, Santa. Wants: Quiet, quick wash cycle, ability to fit big & tall items on the bottom rack, stainless steel front  Got a recommendation? 
  8. A good restaurant on the orner that’s open for late dinners & on weekends
    The diner that was there has closed {rumor has it that it’ll reopen but we’ll see}. But it kept crappy hours anyway – breakfast & lunch only. It was closed by the time I’d get home from work. Oh! And it was closed Sundays. Guess when we’re ready to eat out? Dinner & Sunday brunch. Of course, with a dishwasher, I may be more inclined to cook at home. {HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!} {hahahahahahahahahahaha!!} {HAHAHAHAhahahahaHAHAHAHAHA!!!!} 

I’m reserving the last 2 spots on our Top 10 Wish List until there’s further consultation with my co-captain.

What’s on your Wish List??

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8 Responses to Dear Santa

  1. Wish you lived in GA girl – Wayne is the best for mudding. And when I say best – I mean cheap and fast and excellent…just the way I like em 🙂

    I’ll ask if Newark is too far for him 🙂

    Good luck with the renovation – it’ll be over before you know it!

    XO – KB

  2. Sara says:

    I just want my camera for xmas!!! You should just put gorgeous paneling all over that front room, screw the drywall. Btw – I would die if that 50% credit actually passes, what a great deal that would be. It looks like you have a very nice list of items (and scenarios!) so I hope you get some of them.

    ps – I’m considering the Container store thing…I need some storage in my horrid ‘former circus nursery’ room!

  3. MEA says:

    That the wall we ripped out on Wednesday that we were told was non load bearing is fixed today because it IS load bearing and the snow coming tonight will make our roof collapse? Oh, and we get our check back from the first structural engineer who told us it was non load bearing. He said he would send us a check, but I believe if we get it, it will be a Christmas Miracle. Oh, maybe Gurp not leaving me since I totally forced errr convinced him to do it.

  4. I love the Container Store, I could go buck wild in there! Hope Santa brings you all you want!

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