The Christmas Card that Could’ve Been

Since our Christmas Cards went out Wednesday, I thought it’d be fun to share what they almost looked like.

Early on, we decided to go with a postcard. Last year we did a folded card, this year a postcard, who knows what for next year. On the front would be this picture:

looking out closet window
{taken by the very lovely Kamila Harris during our 10 year anniversary shoot}

The back of it would read:

The happy couple surveyed their surroundings. 130 years of history and it was theirs for the renovating.

A few bricks out-of-place? Sure.

Ornamental crown moldings with about 8 layers of paint? Yeah, why not.

Drafty windows? probably an understatement.

But they greeted this challenge as they did every challenge in their lives; with a creative eye, sense of pride, and probably an unhealthy level of optimism. Find out what fate has in store for this dynamic duo. Stay tuned for another action packed year in the lives of Mr. & Mrs. A! Follow this urban marriage experiment @

So that’s how our Christmas cards were going to read… until we had a better idea that we loved even more. I don’t know if we’ll be able to top it next year. It’s gonna be hard.

Am I building this up too much? Probably…

This year’s design is purely mediocre!

Pictures of our actual cards coming next week {don’t want to ruin the surprise for friends & family!}. Maybe even on Christmas. How festive would that be?!

We really did love this design though. Standing amongst the renovations, starring out the window envisioning how it’d look when we were finally done. It was thoughtful and sweet.

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7 Responses to The Christmas Card that Could’ve Been

  1. aw! ya i love this photo 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    I love this photo.

  3. Mom Liv says:

    That would have been a great card! But this year’s card climbs to new heights!!

  4. Love the photos, can’t wait to see what trumped it as the new card!

  5. Kellie says:

    WOW, great pic! Love it! Got my card in the mail today…..I totally laughed my booty off, so good.

  6. I got your card this morning and I loved it. So cute!

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