Christmas Traditions

The last week of Dare to DIY. {tear}

Monday, Dec. 21: Dare to… have traditions!

Everyone has traditions for the Holidays. Tell us all about your favorites or start a new tradition to share.

Christmastime brings with it a lot of traditions for both our families. In fact, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day are a whirlwind of activity. Luckily our parents live all of 10 minutes away from each other, so the back-and-forth from family house to family house isn’t such a much.

Christmas Eve goes: graveside -> brunch -> movie -> mass -> 7 fishes

Christmas Day goes: brunch -> presents -> dinner -> pollyanna -> Greed {game}

But one of my favorite, non-familial Christmastime traditions we have is the Christmas in Carol & Song concert. Rob and several of our close friends used to sing in it every year throughout college. It’s so beautiful & festive.


Happening a couple weekends before Christmas, it just gives me the Christmas-warm-fuzzies.


And this year, John got down on one knee and asked Jenn to marry him!


That would be the same John & Jenn that helped us scrape wallpaper off the bathroom walls back in July! {Our first non-family additions to the Wall of Awesome!}

Jenn & John

Congrats guys!!


What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

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4 Responses to Christmas Traditions

  1. Awww…. they got engaged! So cool!

    Thanks for joining in every week, Carrie. =)

  2. Caitlin says:

    Happy congrats to your friends! I go back to my college each year for the annual Carol Night and alum gathering @ the Irish Pub up the road! This year I took Ava and it was that much more fun! (to carol night, not the bar lol!)

  3. Mom Liv says:

    We remember Rob singing…. and are so glad you continue to go to enjoy this very special concert!

  4. Mama Holli says:

    How sweet is that!!! Congrats to the special couple!
    Making memories….that’s what it’s all about!

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