Jenn & John

Our first non-family additions to the Wall of Awesome*!!

Jenn & John

Jenn & John came up Tuesday night and helped us tackle the 2nd floor bathroom.

2nd floor bath

That fugly wallpaper was already peeling off.

2nd floor bath wallpaper

They helped it all the way off.

John scraping

more scraping

YAY! First step in the bathroom remodel is underway.



Thanks guys!! It was awesome seeing you.

heart scraping

wallpaper heart


mask kiss

Jenn’s leaving in 2 days to work down in Nicaragua for a month with our other friend Ali. Lets all say a little prayer that they have an amazing time and come home safely. John, you’re welcome to come back up if you get bored without her.

Jenn & John

*We have decided that we will have an actual Wall of Awesome in our house. We’re going to take pictures of everyone who comes help. Said pictures will be framed and hung all grouped together. So if your name emblazoned on the interwebs in all it’s bloggy goodness isn’t enough for you, how about an actual picture on an actual wall in our actual home?! Yeah, I thought that might sweeten the deal. And you can pose with props! See how John got to pose with the Spartan Spear?? Rock.

Shameless Plug: Our next Working Weekend is coming up July 18 & 19! We will be working on finishing the garden apartment and painting. Power tools & paint rollers; something for everyone! If you want in, shoot me an email (brickcitylove at gmail dot com).

Thanks Jenn & John!!!

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4 Responses to Jenn & John

  1. Ali says:

    thanks for the prayers :)! I’d love to come and help out when we get back!!

  2. caitie says:

    i would have come this weekend but you were in south jersey 😦 leave a room not remodeled so phil and i can help!

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