Riser Sanding

Day 3 of our vacation is going swimmingly. Went shopping this morning (we’re going down the shore tomorrow and I needed a bathing suit) and now we’re working on the house.

I replaced the plaster behind the door with some drywall and am waiting for the joint compound to dry. Rob is currently sanding the risers on the staircase. We’re working top down and the first few didn’t go so well.

They were caked with something hard & gross; adhesive maybe? It was going so badly, we had a 20min conversation deciding if we should just have Jon back. In an effort to keep the refinishing costs within budget, Jon just did the treads. Refinishing the risers was extra. We decided to keep sanding and see what the next hour brought.

After the first 3, things started to look up. It’s still taking forever but it’s working. We’ve (& by “we’ve” I mean Rob) got 2 risers left on the top staircase. Then it’s on to the 1st floor staircase.

Proper update coming tomorrow!

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3 Responses to Riser Sanding

  1. Quinn says:

    When I was a kid growing up in Jersey, down the shore was Manasquan.

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