How To: Quick Shelves

I’m going to show you a never before seen corner of our bedroom.

All you real designers are going to gag at the blatant display of electronics but guess what. We don’t live in a showroom or a magazine. We like TV & watch it regularly. Some of my favorite Saturdays are the ones where we laze in bed and blow through a season of Tru Blood or Big Love {or M*A*S*H, if I’m home alone}. {Speaking of which, lets netflix the complete series of Are You Being Served? next. I used to love that show.} So, for us, a TV in the bedroom is a must.


{Is that Verdi I see? Why yes! Yes it is.}

But as a result, DVDs tend to pile up next to our TV and on the mantel {apparently, right next to the pita chips}.


To remedy that, I made a couple quick shelves last night out of some leftover 1/2″ plywood and a few screws for an under-utilized ~ rather hidden ~ corner.


Out of the leftover piece of plywood, I cut 2 rectangles a little smaller than a DVD case {about 7.5″w x 4.5″h}. I wanted the shelves to almost look like they were floating. Then I cut 2 back supports that’s about 7.5″w x 1″h and 2 side pieces about 3.5″w x 1″h. Nothing’s super exact but they’ll be mostly hidden, so who cares if my edges are a little wavy.


First I pre-drilled 2 holes in the shelf & back support {so the wood wouldn’t split} and then screwed them together. I would use drywall screws instead of the thicker ones you see in the picture but I didn’t have any short enough on hand. Or countersink your screw heads {which would make them more flush with the top of the shelf}. Shame on me for not doing that. My countersink was right downstairs. Oh well.


Then I screwed the side support to the left wall at least 1/2″ away from the back wall.


The back support {with the shelf already screwed to the top of it and resting on the side support} then got screwed into the back wall.



Paint the same as your wall & your done!


Two shelves literally took a couple hours start to finish {with 2 coats of paint}.


They’re not the prettiest things. Ok… it’s a little rudimentary, slapdash, sloppy, I’ll even give you ugly. BUT!!! Add some DVD’s and all that is completely hidden!


Voila! All gone. Ugly shelves completely hidden with floating DVDs.


And from the bedroom doorway, you can’t see anything at all.


That’s a win.

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13 Responses to How To: Quick Shelves

  1. caitie says:

    very cool. did you notice that the 3rd daugher, the red head, is no longer on big love?? where did she go?!

  2. Win, for sure. The wall that the shelves are on, is that more plywood attached to the wall, or am I seeing things?

    ps – I can’t WAIT for True Blood to come back this summer!

  3. Jeannine says:

    It looks great! Very clever!

    You guys watch TV? *faints*

    I know a few bloggers who have addressed the whole TV thing and some of us are just fine with people knowing we watch TV. I used to hide mine in an armoire, but the thing took up a huge amount of space. I’m much happier with a sleep console with the TV on top.

  4. i am crushing on that dresser, BIG TIME. looks so pretty against the gray. (oh, love that you’re rocking fawlty towers too! looks like we’re both anglophiles…)

  5. Kim says:

    You are rockin’ – I love that you used this unused space, and I love how the DVDs look stacked up.

    Oh, and I love the dresser, too. =)

  6. Kerry says:

    Love the way they’re hidden…but especially love how they look like floating shelves! Smart!

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