How To: Install Amazingly Fabulous Curtains

So I’ve already introduced you to my new favorite thing in our home -> Our master bedroom curtains.

curtain love

At some point, the plaster ceiling in our bedroom had been replaced with drywall. However, at roughly 16lbs per panel {x3 panels}, PLUS the weight of the track, we couldn’t just mount everything to ceiling. To make sure everything was super secure, we decided to mount it to our roof joists. Here’s how –

If you stood in our bedroom and faced the windows ~ and if you could see through walls ~ you’d see a cross-section that looks kinda like this:

curtain installation side

I know my little diagram made in Word isn’t the most beautiful, but I hope it’s understandable.

curtain installation side with text

And if you were looking up through our attic toward the sky, you’d see this.

curtain installation top

And again with labels.

curtain installation top with text

So how do we actually make that happen? Well ~ if you’re me ~ you bring in the reinforcements while you work on other projects.

The dads & Diggie took care of this one. Now onto the pictures:


Such a klassy window treatments we had, don’t you think?



Dad wrote down the measurements as Diggie took them.


Hi Diggie!!



Pre-drilling the 2×4’s that span the ceiling joists.



Not precisely on center but unless you plan on grabbing a ladder and chillin’ in my attic, you’ll never see it. Oh yeah. Unless I put in on the internet. Then you’ll definitely see it! 😉


Meanwhile, one of the Dads measured for and made the holes for the threaded rod.


Then time for the threaded rod.


{Note how they’re both on the phone? With each other. A little technological help when you need to know what’s happening on the other side of the ceiling.}


In the end, they look like this.




But this is all you see:


While my Dad & Diggie were securing the ceiling plates with threaded rods, Dad A was getting the track ready to go by drilling holes for the end stops.



{left one already done}


Don’t forget to put on your carriers before the end stops!

Then the track gets secured to the ceiling plates.


Tie on curtains and VOILA!!


BIG HUGS & KISSES to our crack team. Especially Digs who spent the majority of his day in my cramped, itchy, insulation-y attic. He’s back in the great white north now. Hope he’s staying warm. Are you staying warm, Diggie? {There’s nothing wrong with Dad’s face, he’s just shy}.

my helpers

Thank you guys!! They look amazing and I love them. Now I just have to hem them. Mom, can I borrow a sewing machine?

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6 Responses to How To: Install Amazingly Fabulous Curtains

  1. caitie says:

    hahahaha i’m clearly hard at work in that photo. limp wrist and everything.

  2. Mom Liv says:

    Great pix and explanation….

  3. Kellie says:

    LOL, LOVE LOVE LOVE The pic of your Dad drilling one-handed while on the phone! This is totally something I would do!

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