Shrink Wrapped

Our windows are crap. We plan on using our $8,000 rebate money to replace them but, after calling the IRS, we learned that the 4-6 week turn-around originally advertised has turned into a 12-16 week wait. Guess it was popular.

Needless to say, new windows for this winter just aren’t happening. To help curb the draftiness, we are turning to a less-than-pretty but oh-so-practical solution. Plastic.



Directions are pretty simple.

  1. Double-stick tape around frame. Wait 15 minutes
  2. Adhere plastic top to bottom
  3. Blowdry to shrink until taut






We’ve only done 1 window so far but plan on doing the rest {at least on the 1st & 3rd floors}. We’ll let you know if we think it’s working as the season progresses. It’s less noticable than first feared. If we can get the curtains hung anytime before 2010, it’ll be totally hidden.

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6 Responses to Shrink Wrapped

  1. Sara says:

    What do you mean by turnaround? On the credit itself? We also do the shrinkwrap on some windows, and on others the removable ‘rope caulk’ works well on the seams. We’ve already ordered two new wood living room windows, though. Can’t wait for those beauties to be installed!

    • We amended last years tax return and filed updated paperwork for the credit. We were told we should receive the money in 4-6 weeks but, when that came & went, we called the IRS. They said they’re really backed up and processing the refunds is now taking 12-16 weeks.

  2. Kellie says:

    We totally did this last year in our apartment with crappy windows. It totally helped, although be forewarned, we had to totally redo it halfway through the winter because the sticky tape lost all of it’s stick. If it seems to be working for you, I suggest you buy an extra pack or two for middle of the night windgust repair!!

  3. Jeannine says:

    We did this in college and it worked wonders!

  4. townhouselady says:

    Agree with Kellie about the tape. It does tend to come loose so keep an eye out and some extra tape on hand.

    Also, Those kits while reasonably priced, tend to add $$ up quick when you have those big old giant sized windows and only get one out of each kit. So, this year my hubby had the bright idea to buy the clear painters drop cloth plastic that comes in the big rolls for the windows in the rooms we don’t really frequent and have guests in. It doesn’t shrink so you will have some lines/wrinkles but it’s cheap as all get out.

    We used the “good stuff” on the windows that are mostly in view.

    I’m hoping by next year we have fancy pants new non plastic wearing windows (fingers crossed).

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