Happy Hours & Happy Finds

Rob has downsized his record collection but in our apartment, they never had a proper home. For the most part, the records & the record player lived in the right half of our large entertainment/storage unit. The space wasn’t ideal for the records. They fit but it was kind of a pain to get them & the player out.

storage unit
{pic taken as we were packing, so it’s a bit of a hot mess} {& honestly a piece I’m kinda over as one giant unit}

Plus we didn’t really have anywhere in the apartment to play them. As a result, I don’t think we listened to records once in the entire time we lived there. Ok. Maybe we pulled them out once.

Enter craigslist. I love craigslist. You can happen upon the coolest stuff for {usually} cheap.

Our latest finds include this cool record cabinet.

Record cabinet

Finally a proper place for the records!

The same guy was also selling this awesome sideboard. It used to be a radio & record player cabinet but all the guts have been removed.

Future bar

The center doors slide open and the tops on the sides flip open. Were you thinking this would make the perfect bar?! Cause I was. I have visions of listening to records & having Mad Men inspired cocktail hours.

I love the lines of both pieces. They need a little cleaning up & I plan on reworking the sideboard/radio a bit. But I think they were a steal at $125 for both!

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  1. dinaaries says:

    is the record player cabinet still available

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