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After getting one coat of trim paint up last Saturday, we took a little trip over to Continental Hardware {the same place we found the kitschy bathroom replacement fixtures} to look at paint.

The original paint plan was to do the walls in the same cream color as our draperies. The draperies themselves are going to make quite a statement, so I thought they might look best as more of a texture. Blending in with the walls but adding a great textural element.

We picked up about 37 different paint chips & 4 tester samples.


I didn’t like any of them.


The creams were too yellow. It wasn’t enough contrast with our trim to make much of a visual impact. With neutral linens and dark woods, did we really want such a neutral paint color too?!

Neutral, yes. But not that light. The {slightly} darker tans weren’t doing it either. Back to the drawing board.

Last Sunday, on our way back from Warminster PA {where we were retrieving a fun little craigslist find}, we stopped by a Benjamin Moore store right near New Hope {a super cute town, if you’re ever in that neck of the woods}. We popped in 15 minutes before closing time and – again – I pulled a fistful of colors. This time, I’m looking at the muted blues & blue-greens & green-blues.

I pulled another 4 color samples to try and Rob pulled one. I wasn’t a humongous fan of the color he selected but the man was indulging my obsessive “perfect color” behavior so I quickly added his pick to the pile. If a $3.49 color sample was all it took to keep him from going crazy, who am I to fight?

On the way home, I remember saying, “I’m not confident about any of these working” {or something to that effect}. I could hear the eye-roll.

We went to the house – not only to drop off our new furniture – but to try out some paint samples. While he dusted off the new furniture, I slathered the samples on the wall.

Bedroom color options
{the colors are pretty off in this picture but I only had my phone}

For me, it was between #40 & #1563. I called Rob up to have him weigh in. Not 3 seconds after looking at the swatches I hear, “That one. 1563.”

Seriously?! I’m sitting on the step ladder literally watching the paint dry agonizing over it and you make the decision in 2.7 seconds?! I don’t know how that’s fair.

Different light

Of course the decision couldn’t be made that easily. I washed out the brushes. Looked at the swatches after they were dry. I looked at them after the sun went down and it was dark in the house and once more before leaving. Never wavering from his initial decision, Rob confidently stuck with 1563 through all my waffling. “It’ll take longer for us to get sick of that one rather than the more blue ones” was his reasoning. And he’s right. I’m not usually a blue person and would totally be sick of #40 after about 4 months. The man truly has a black belt in me. Partners rock.


And that was that. We are going with Benjamin Moore #1563, Quiet Moments. I like that for a bedroom; Quiet Moments. It’s a very muted color. It looks very gray on our walls but there’s a good amount of blue-green undertones in it.

Bedroom paint

The painting was a gift from our dear friend Melissa {she painted it!!}. It’s one of my favorite pieces of art. It used to hang in the living room at our apartment but I’m thinking about moving it into the bedroom here. Although there are several places in our house it’d look great.

After picking the color, I did a little googling. It turns out Quiet Moments {Benjamin Moore #1563} is a very popular color in chic homes across the interwebs:

I’m interested in seeing how it looks once it’s all up on the walls. Stay tuned to see it on the walls!

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5 Responses to Wall Color

  1. Jeannine says:

    Hooray for another Quiet Moments fan! You’ve seen it before…Mrs. Limestone has it in her bathroom and so do I. It’s a beautiful color. You’ll love it!

  2. Kim says:

    Love it. Great choice.

  3. Mom Liv says:

    Rob’s ability to make the right choice in seconds is just like your dad! A wonderful trait in a husband. Love you both!

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