Lamps : Rugs :: Moving : Camping

Been a while since you took the SATs?? Written out -> lamps are to rugs as moving is to camping.

We don’t own lamps or rugs. Both are more expensive than I think necessary. Have you ever shopped for rugs or lamps?! It’s silly. And I’m not saying the cost isn’t justified but goodness-gracious!

I bought a remnant once for my college dorm {or should I say, “my parents bought”} that moved with me to our off-campus house. Since we moved out of our college town, it’s been long gone. College parties + new puppies + aversion to vacuuming = GA – ross!! The bedroom of our last apartment was carpeted and we never quite got around for getting an area rug in living room.

In college I invested in a Sputnik lamp that I still adore. Found it at a little antique shop and just HAD to have it. It’s still my favorite. We inherited 2 silver zig-zag lamps from my parents bought for my brothers room that he didn’t like. {Oh. And we just knocked 1 of them over and it broke. So we’re now down to 1.} Other than that, we’re lamp-less. And rug-less. Our bedroom {and house in general} need both.

In my random craigslisting {it’s a verb, you know}, I spotted this.

blue hanging lamps

Before you scrunch up your nose like an 8-year-old given a plate full of brussels sprouts, take a closer look.

blue hanging lamps 1

See those little blue glass lamps hanging in the back?? They caught my eye too.


$25 later {for both!}, they are now hanging in the closet on the 2nd floor. While $25 isn’t as good of a deal as Katherine’s {of BackGarage} budding lampire, I’m pretty pleased.


A year ago, I wouldn’t have given them a 2nd glance. My style was much more modern & linear.

But recently, I’ve been very drawn to more & more vintage items. Don’t get me wrong! I’ve always appreciated a good piece of kitsch and I still love MCM furnishings. But there’s something about the blue glass, the curves of the petals, the sense of history & nostalgia that I’m totally loving.


I think they’re going to get hung here:


The Guest Bedroom Nook {which no longer has any soundproofing on it}.

This room will eventually be the Guest/Craft/Sewing/Hobby room.

Is that a lot to cram into 230 sqft? We’ll make it work.

Anyway… yes. These guys are going in the nook. Eventually.

You want to see what the color really looks like?
But that means showing you a picture with the big bad “I make pictures ugly but crisp” flash turned on!
You SURE???? Ok.
But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

{with flash}

{without flash}

They are sky blue in person. I’m thinking smooth white walls, crisp white trim, with plenty of storage and pops of color throughout. These will be one of those “pops.” In my mind it’s feeling very fresh and clean. Someday, my little blue lamps. Someday.

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5 Responses to Lamps : Rugs :: Moving : Camping

  1. Katherine says:

    Ha ha! Those are AWESOME! I saw them on your Flickr page and was like, “Woah.” Really like the color. But yes — you must add a few to the mix to crate a lampire. But you’re on your way!

  2. cindy says:

    craigslist rugs are trickier though, because it’s hard to trust the rugs of total strangers.

  3. Carrie says:

    I LOVE those lamps! I’m jealous. I haven’t found anything nearly as good on Craigslist around here. All the good stuff that’s posted is located on an island that’s a 40-minute drive + 35-minute ferry ride away. 😦

  4. Sara says:

    CUTE! My craigslist is so lame, I have never found anything like this on there. Congrats and I can’t wait to see them up!

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