Sexy Legs

Remember when we drug home this lonely, deal of a chair from IKEA?

Chair in store

It’s IKEA’s Stockholm chair {we couldn’t pass up a $649 chair-and-a-half for a scant $259.60}. While it fits our two butts perfectly, I wasn’t a fan of the squat little legs.

Enter the interwebs.

After perusing multiple sites, I finally found what I was looking foron ebay. {FYI – this sellerseems to have a couple other websites where they sell the same stuff but it’s all cheapest through their ebay store.}

I ordered 8 of the 6″ tapered legs and ~ well within the amount of time the seller said ~ the package was waiting on my doorstep. In total, I spent $15.60 for the new legs & shipping.

The slipcovers promptly came off both the chair & ottoman for a quick trip through the wash.


Much better.

The ottoman didn’t come with legs and the new ones easily screwed on.


How cute, right?!


The chair wasn’t so simple. We tried to screw the legs onto the chair but it just didn’t work.

The screw that’s in the top of the leg bottomed out in the chair frame and, instead, screwed deeper into the leg. You’d think this would be ok but it wasn’t. The leg was all wobbly.


For a few weeks, it just sat. Legless. And sad.

Until we got plates to mount the legs too.

plates with arrow

Earlier this week, while the hubs was at a Yankees game, it all came together.

First, I got to buy a new drill bit index. Over the years, I’ve lost or broke bits and didn’t have one large enough for the leg screw. This 24-piece Milwaukee may be my new favorite.


The 1/4″ bit seemed to be large enough but not too big. You want it to accommodate the shank but have the screw edges grab into the wood.

new screw hole

Mount the plate. {You could also mount the plate & then drill the 1/4″ pilot hole as the bit cleared the center hole fine.}


Screwed in the leg.


Repeat 3 more times.




Chair in store


I love how it seems to float.

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6 Responses to Sexy Legs

  1. Ninapilar says:

    BTW, love the header photo!!!

    And I love the chair…I’ve been scouring CL for a few pcs of furniture myself…what you did is so creative 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    Love it. I am so impressed with how well it cleaned up. I always worry that light colored things won’t come clean in the wash. My mother’s daughter.

    Great idea with the legs. What a difference.

  3. Kellie says:

    I am mega-impressed….and quite jealous!! Good job!

  4. townhouselady says:

    It DOES seem to float! Muy Bueno!

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