Goodbye Apartment

Tonight after work {& a quick trip up to Waldwick} we said our final goodbyes to our apartment.

Apt. Living Room

Apt. Bedroom
{Excuse the grainy iphone pics. It was dark & it was the only camera we had.}

Apt. Closet

Apt. Kitchen

We just had a few things left to pick up after cleaning Sunday. {Of course those “few” things took up the entire back seat plus what I carried in between my feet & in my lap.} Did our final walk through & turned in our keys

It’s been only 2 weeks but it didn’t feel like home.

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2 Responses to Goodbye Apartment

  1. Dad "A" says:

    What a great appartment it was! So many good times (including my 50th BD party!).

    Other than spot lights in the windows every night, nothing but great memories!~

  2. Dad L says:

    At least we got to use the elevators INSIDE the building for the move out.

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