Do Your Friends Clean??

This weekend we had our very first house guests in our very first house. I consider it a very important milestone.

{In the spirit of transparency, we have had weekend guests but they didn’t stay with us. Our parents got a hotel room the Saturday of our moving weekend, so they could help get us settled Sunday. Guess they didn’t want to fight over who got the air mattress.}

Meet our very first house guests:

Megan, Gurp, & their pup Keely

We hung out but also put them to work. {How else do you get to be on the Wall of Awesome?!}

They braved the rain and came with us to retrieve the latest Craigslist acquisition.


The {makings of our} headboard.


Because it was raining, I brought along some cellophane wrap & painters tape. {Look at me planning ahead!} When we arrived, we wrapped the whole headboard plastic wrap & secured the open seams with painters tape before strapping it to the roof of the car. Worked pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Sunday they helped us clean the apartment. As in – mop, vacuum, wipe down baseboards, Windex, etc. Yeah, the whole shebang.  Would your friends help clean your apartment? Cause mine would. {/gloat.} Thanks Megurp!!

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