Moving Day

Last Saturday was the big day.


Boxes were {mostly} packed. The UHaul was reserved. Friends were scheduled. Of course not everything goes as planned.

14' uhaul

They didn’t have the 17′ UHaul we reserved, so we had to settle for the 14′. Turns out the 17′ wouldn’t have been enough space anyway. We had to make 2 trips. The first included all the boxes, some furniture & the garden apartment appliances that had been sitting in our dining area for the entire summer.

Carrie & Chris

Secondly, we learned that either September 19th is a very popular day or we’re not that popular with our friends & family. I won’t disclose the number of people who ended up not being able to come because I truly feel that most of them would have come if last minute things hadn’t popped up. I don’t want them to feel bad; we still love them. {It was a lot.}


We did, however, have our parents & 2 amazing friends help the entire day. They were even all on time!! For friends & family who have to drive 1.5hrs+ to get to Newark, showing up at 8:30am to schlep some boxes & furniture is no fun feat.

the boys

So a HUGE GIANT AMAZING SLOPPY WET KISS to Chris & Skip {& our parents!}. They totally rocked it. I think we’re now committed to naming our first born after them. Yes, all 6 of them.

Things We Learned:

1. Get a truck way bigger than you ever think you’ll need. Or maybe this is just for us because we have more stuff than most families of 4.

2. If at first the queen box spring doesn’t fit, get a bigger hammer.

box spring

Or more people, so to speak. It gouged the hall wall but luckily in an area that still needs to be spackled & painted. No biggie. The mattress was also a uber tight squeeze but at least it flexed a little.

wrestling the mattress

Nothing larger than a full will ever be going to the 3rd floor again. A queen would probably fit on the 2nd floor ok. A king size bed will never have the opportunity to darken our doorstep. /tear.


3. Small boxes are the way to go but wardrobes are pretty clutch too.


4. Just because there’s an outlet, doesn’t mean it’s hooked up to anything. Or even secured to the wall.
So that’s why the light wasn’t working!

5. A homemade lunch {such as MomMom’s meatballs} goes a long way as payment for a long day’s work.



Our sincerest thanks to our parents, Chris & Skip. We could not have done this without you. Srsly guys. You rock.

{thanks to my Mom for taking all these pictures!!}

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4 Responses to Moving Day

  1. Kim says:

    Oh my god. Moving sucks. I just remembered how much I hate it.

    I’m also thinking how delicious meatballs sound. And how great it is to have awesome friends. And laughing about the time Ryan and my dad brought a king size mattress upstairs… there are still marks to prove it.

    I’m happy you are moved in! You only gotta do it once.

  2. caitie says:

    my dad nearly got a serious injury trying to get my full size mattress up to the penthouse at jones. it was a SUPER thick mattress and SUPER tiny staircase. as you know.

    is it bad that when you mentioned “first born” i got a little excited that you guys might have kids soon haha

  3. Carrie says:

    Awesome! We’ll be doing this next weekend; we’ve already reserved the largest U-Haul they make. 🙂

  4. Eva says:

    At least the weather was nice for your move 🙂 But that sucks about the smaller truck.

    The pictures of the mattress moving made me cringe. Been there and never want to do it again.

    Yay for living in your house!!

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