Right now…

This is what we’re doing:

Rob taking it down

Taking down the sound proofing!

Coming down

We actually started Saturday (hence the pics) but then went to see some fireworks, so we didn’t get very far.

starting to come down

I wasn’t sure what we’d do with huge piles of these things but luckily, they stack.

Carrie stacking

If you have any use for them, let me know! They’re coming down pretty cleanly. The adhesive sticks more to the wall than the tiles (not so lucky for us).

We’ll be putting them on Craigslist once they’re all down. We hope someone can get use out of them, otherwise they’ll just be recycled.

stacked tiles

Isn’t this how you’d spend your vacation?!

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5 Responses to Right now…

  1. Lily says:

    I’d still rather be doing that than working *sigh

  2. kamharrisphoto says:

    omg i may be able to use soundproofing. Chris could probably use it to soundproof his garage/music studio!

  3. stephanie says:

    we were packing up on our day off… weeeee!

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