Eat lunch? Or sand spackle?

I am nipple deep in the sand/spackle/repeat drill.

Today ~ instead of eating lunch ~ I spent the 1 hour and 13 minutes I had between my morning meeting and my afternoon meeting sanding spackle.

I went from this –

Me before

To this –

Me during

Back to this –

Me after

All in 1 hour.

That INCLUDES showering, reapplying makeup and spending 5 minutes taking multiple before/during/after photos.

And I made it to my meeting with 3 minutes to spare.

How’s that for time management?!

{and yes, I did chop all my hair off}

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11 Responses to Eat lunch? Or sand spackle?

  1. Livi says:

    It’s just like Superman emerging from the telephone booth all decked out for crime fighting (spackling & sanding)!

  2. I like the hair cut, very cute. Lunch hour sanding! Dedicated!

  3. katie says:

    love the hair, super cute!

    i hate to sand spackle. pretty sure i’d never give up a lunch hour for that!

  4. You hair is SO cute. And, I love that cardigan.

    And, this totally cracks me up. That is great time management.

  5. Now THAT’s impressive! You’re like superman, but for spackle.

  6. Eva says:

    I’m a little jealous considering it takes me at least an hour and a half to commute one way…The best I can do during lunch is make it to Anthropologie and back.

  7. katie says:

    impressive! and super cute hair! =)

  8. ew32766 says:

    Love the haircut!!!

  9. Kate says:

    You look like Carrie Mulligan! The ‘do is super cute.

    Love your blog, by the way!

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