New Kitchen Wall!!

All the way back in early June, we learned how to rip out drywall and haven’t touched the basement kitchen much since then.

During our big Basement Demo Day, we learned that the gas pipe to the stove was wobbly and needed securing. Removing it was the perfect opportunity to update the existing electrical.


After we removed the old drywall, we were able to see a few things of interest that weren’t previously apparent. For example, the GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlet was at the end of the circuit. Usually GFCI outlets are at the beginning of the circuit so it protects everything downstream (so to speak). In this case, it was only protecting that particular outlet.

Exposed wire

The other fun thing was a wire coming from the GFCI outlet and just chilling between the studs. The exposed end was mostly covered with electrical tape. Mostly isn’t that comforting is it? Luckily, my built in guru has the knowledge to fix both problems.

moved outlets

Dad moved the GFCI outlet to the beginning of the circuit and added another outlet on the end of the exposed wire. We figured, why not?! The wire was there obviously begging to be used. And, if there’s anything you’re slowly learning about me, it’s that you can never have to many electrical outlets.

We mounted it so high so a microwave can be plugged in above the stove.

Water pipes were secured with some straps.


A piece of wood was screwed to a stud.


You can see the screw holes on the other side of the stud.


Then the line was secured to the added block.


While he was at it, the header even got a good scrub down. Which is clutch because it was covered in the same gross goop the old kitchen was. 20 years of cooking grease really builds up.


Between him & our moms, I didn’t sponge or wipe a single gross thing that day. All this cleaning love is starting to make me a little spoiled.

I’m pretty sure this was his least favorite part but Dad even added some new styrofoam insulation. I think next time we might get another kind because the little white flaky bits that come off the styrofoam are a PITA.


Now that Dad finished with the hard part, we can go ahead & drywall it up! Cha-ching. That was Sunday’s job.


Bruce really thought he was helping.

bruce helping with drywall

This was the first wall I actually got to hang the drywall in. The guys did the parlor wall and, as you may remember, we gave up (for the day) on the bedroom wall. I learned that I liked it and am actually really good at it.

Some say I’m detail oriented, others just say I’m anal retentive. Either way, I like measuring & cutting things so they fit just right. I like the preciseness of it, the puzzle. The figuring out; if we go 4′ down from the ceiling than the seam will be below counter height whereas 4′ from the floor would put the seam right in the middle of the backsplash…. if I start at this end, I can cover these outlets with these pieces and end on a small piece with no cutouts… things like that. Drywall & me are a good fit.

AJ & Greg got in on the action too (but AJ left before I could get a picture of him). Having Greg around was really helpful cause he can reach those tall places where I’d need a step ladder.


Thanks for being tall, Greg! Oh, and for helping us. Yeah. That too. And thanks for capturing this little vignette on film, well, megabytes.





Nothing says LOVE like a spackle heart! (I almost didn’t post this because the thought of make-up free pictures of me on the interwebs is rather frightening but it makes me giggle and maybe it’ll make you giggle too.) And now back to your regularly scheduled drywalling.

The last piece was just this much too big, so we shaved it down.


Then it fit perfectly!


Getting screwed. (There’s a mom joke in there but my mother reads this, so I’m not touching it.)





All Done!!


(except the corners)


Thanks Greg!!


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4 Responses to New Kitchen Wall!!

  1. Meg says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your renovations!

  2. caitie says:

    um- if i looked like that with no makeup, i’d never wear it.

    well, that’s not true. i’d probably wear it-cause it’s so damn fun. but still- you get the point.

    love all the updates! i can’t wait till it’s all done to see all the befores and afters lined up! (I’m sure you can’t wait for that either)

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