Our Clean Kitchen

I know we said the kitchen was crossed off the list. And it is, in that it will not be getting any structural altering anytime soon. That said, we just couldn’t live with its current state of cleanliness.

The kitchen is gross but, thanks to our wonderful mothers, it’s now significantly less gross. To refresh your memory, the kitchen looks like this.


The 4 upper cabinets you see are the only 4 cabinets in the entire kitchen. The back of the island consists of a broken slab of green granite supported by strategically placed 2×4’s.

(pic taken prior to previous tenant moving out, so that’s not our stuff)

The other side of the kitchen is fridge, stove, spot where a dishwasher used to be, and sink. Yup. That’s it.

(again, pic taken prior to previous tenant moving out, so that’s not our stuff)

A full kitchen remodel isn’t in the cards just yet, so we need to be able to live with what we’ve got. Being the saints that they are, our mothers spent their last Saturday making our hovel of a kitchen sanitary.

This is the point where you may want to stop eating or drinking.

And when I say “cleaned”, I mean “cleaned”.


The fridge & stove were mostly disassembled and pulled away from the wall.


They vacuumed under & behind the appliances. (Which I’m about 87% positive they regret due to some unfortunate findings.)


I pretty sure this was taken just after the mummified mouse was found underneath the stove. That’s right folks – not only was there a plethora of mouse poop, crusty food, and dust bunnies – there was a bonus mouse mummy.

Side note: I once knew people who found a cat mummy under their porch. They left him there and he was named Winston, The Mummy Cat. He became the mascot for the house. Here’s to you Winston, The Mummy Cat. Our mummy mouse was not granted such an illustrious gesture. It was promptly thrown away sans name.


Squeaky clean stove!!!

Besides the mouse mummy, the freezer sported what looked like a fuzzy green throw rug or maybe forest moss.


Did you just throw up a little in your mouth? I know. I did too; a little. Ok fine. More than a little.

Whether it was penicillin cultures or frozen exploded pea soup, I didn’t have to find out. I saw it before and then I saw it after.

VOILA!  { { { cue choir of angels } } } I’d actually feel comfortable storing food in that now.


I love a good “Before & After.”

But I love a good “Before & After” most when I didn’t participate in the “During”.


Thanks Mom’s! I know you had to wear a hazmat suit for the better part of your Saturday but (for us) it was worth it.

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10 Responses to Our Clean Kitchen

  1. Beverly says:

    Amazing difference! What great moms!!

    You should do a post about how ya’ll (yep, from Atlanta haha) found your house… was it a foreclosure? How many homes did you look at? Etc.. 🙂

  2. mary says:

    You have no idea who I am… I just wanted to tell you that you have
    quickly become my favorite blog! You post often, you write entertainingly, and you post tons of pictures! Kudos to your great work on both the
    blog and your house!

  3. Lily says:

    1. Your kitchen makes me want to eat a soft pretzel with ketchup and mustard (that’s quite a color scheme you’ve got going there)

    2. You should have left the mummy, or at least buried it properly. What if you house becomes infested with ghost mice?!?!?!?

    • Dad "A" says:

      Got a feeling it won’t be the last “mummy” we find. It was schriveled up and had all it’s organs carefully removed and placed in urns around it’s body.

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  6. Eva says:

    We both threw up in our mouths* this past weekend! What are the very disgusting odds?! =) Your moms are saints for cleaning up the fridge and the science experiment that it was growing.

    *(seriously. I totally yacked)

  7. Quinn says:

    The bones of your house are amazing.

  8. Shlee says:

    Hey there! I just stumbled across your blog and I ❤ it! You guys have that qwerky cute-coupledom much like YoungHouseLove. Love it! When did you start your blog? I'm trying to read it from start to finish lol Ta-ta!

    • Hi Ashley! Thank you!! I started the blog at the end of May 2009. Back when Young House Love was still This Young House, haha! Thanks for reading! I love new faces and hope you stick around. Things are still just getting started.

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