The Shower

Thursday I get the sweetest comment saying “you have quickly become my favorite blog! You post often, you write entertainingly, and you post tons of pictures! Kudos to your great work on both the blog and your house!” Then I go and disappear for 3 days. D’OH!

I’m sorry!!! But I have a good excuse.


Saturday I co-hosted a bridal shower for my dear friend. Friday was spent prepping crazy amounts of food and infrastructure. Sunday was spent doing all the dishes and cleaning up.


It was a wonderful time and so incredibly worth it. I know this isn’t always the case but I had such a good time planning it with the other bridesmaids. There’s only 3 of us and we each brought different strengths and it just came together.

It was a really great learning experience too. For example, Smoked Salmon Egg Salad sandwiches are NOT crowd pleasers but brownies & chocolate chip cookies certainly are. If you are using a percolator coffee pot, fill with water BEFORE plugging it in. Mini cupcakes in a trio of flavors look adorable and will get a spectacular reaction from an estrogen filled room.

(photo by Jenette Maloney)(<- a pretty awesome photog in Cali, if you’re out there)

I love entertaining and hope to host wicked parties when this house is done (HA! like it’s ever going to be finished). Can’t wait for the wedding!!


A house related post will come after work. I’ve got SO much from our last Work Weekend to post about and some amazing friends to add to the Wall of Awesome.

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1 Response to The Shower

  1. michelle says:

    yes, yes
    good stuff to be read about on your blog.

    gorgeous spread at the shower!
    that’s one of the best parts about having a home that you love,
    entertaining & sharing it with friends. 🙂

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