Refinishing: Day 2, Progress

Day 2 of refinishing the floors is complete and visible progress has been made. Although, it does look very similar to Wednesday’s progress – LOTS OF SANDING.


I stopped by the house Thursday afternoon at lunch with my coworker. There were more people working than there were yesterday. Nearly everything looked sanded.

Before (under the carpet) the floor near the fireplace in the 2nd floor back bedroom looked like this.

Wednesday we had a giant hole in the floor on the 2nd floor.

Thursday afternoon it was all better!

Hole = Replaced

It would have been nice to salvage the old boards but they were badly damaged. I hope staining blends the patched spots in with the original floors. But, even if it doesn’t, it’s worlds better than the old damage.

The 3rd floor back bedroom, the one with the nasty carpet?

3rd Flr Back Room No Carpet


The red floors in the 3rd floor front room?

All gone!

The closet with 2 layers of gross carpet?


Much better.

The skylight lets so much light into the stairwell!

The 2nd floor hallway looked like this:

Wednesday, they started sanding:
2nd floor hallway

And Thursday:

The 3rd floor hallway before:

Look how much brighter it looks after sanding!

Both staircases have also been scraped & sanded.



Even the scary closet

has been tamed.

As of lunch, the downstairs needed to be sanded again. You can still see our stain samples.


Staining was also supposed to happen at the end of the day. When I walked by after work it looked like they were cleaning up sawdust. So I’m hopeful we’re still on schedule.

Once they stain & start putting down the poly, I’m not sure we’ll be able to walk on it. Therefore in-progress pictures may be iffy. :-/

But that means you have more time to weigh in on our stain options!! If you haven’t put in your 2 cents yet, here’s a refresher.

These are the stains we’re choosing from:

(click to make bigger)

Two questions:
1. Which color did we pick?
2. Which color would you have picked?

Thanks for all the comments & keep ’em coming!!

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11 Responses to Refinishing: Day 2, Progress

  1. I’m having so much fun watching your progress!

    I personally like darker stains and #2 jumps out at me, but could see going for a mid-tone like #4 for a little more flexibility. Can’t wait to hear about the winner!

  2. Erin says:

    Looks so great already!!!!

  3. Kim says:

    I love the look of freshly-sanded floors. It will all blend, even with the new wood. That’s the great thing about old hardwood, “imperfections” are actually just character. =)

  4. Ninapilar says:

    I would’ve picked #1 or #4 🙂

  5. Ninapilar says:

    or #5…actually I think that’s the best 🙂 I swear I’m not spam, just delayed…LOL

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  7. Ali says:

    That long stairwell reminds me of 22 Jones.

    The floors are looking really great!

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  9. Erick Jason Alburez says:

    I am so digging your floor refinishing postings! Jason

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